Sathya 27th October 2020 Written Update: Sathya is angry with Prabhu

Sathya 27th October 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Sathya going to her room with coffee for Prabhu. Soumya stopped her and ask to her how was her yesterday night. Sathya sigh and says to her its an unforgettable night for her. She about to go but Soumya block her way again. She complaints to Sathya that her plan worked well though she is not praised her?

Sathya gives an smirk to her and narrated to her what happened yesterday. When she talked about baby he replied to her that its all happened when they went together in temple so let’s stay in home and don’t need to go out together.

 Sathya complained to her that Prabhu is doing too much. Soumya disappointed with it and says to her she has another one idea. Sathya says to her she don’t need new idea from her because her brother has zero sense in romance. Sathya enters in with coffee she turns her face in anger seeing Prabhu.

He wish to convince her and praise the coffee taste to cool her Sathya ask him to say this all to Selvi who prepared that coffee. Prabhu got nose cut for praising her fakely he didn’t give up though praise her hardwork to bring it to him. Sathya turns her face. Prabhu bids bye to her she ignores him so he leave the house.

Sadashivam informing to Nirmala that he won’t go back to office because he can’t able to face all. His friend and his wife came to his house to congratulate Soumya and Kathir. He lies to them that they are not in home. Sathya deny it and says they are in home. They stare her strangely. She manages the situation by saying they went out but returned just now they are in upstairs.

Sadashivam glaring her. She bring Soumya and Kathir there. Sada friend starts to praise Kathir and his look. He advised to Sadhasivam that he escaped from Kumaravelu on correct time or else what will be his state atleast he got an handsome son in law whom is future IAS. He shares to Sadha that he will says to everyone that his friend son in law is IAS to everyone.

He about to leave Kathir stops th by saying go after take food. He praised Kathir good manners too and leaves from there. Sathya says to him that he is the only one staring him with ego and attittude don’t look at his birth place instead his character. Its so pity to learn his friends understand him and feeling proud of Kathir but not Sadashivam by saying she leaves.

Sathya scolding Prabhu staring his frame. Prabhu reach home and notice Anitha and her husband there. He lies to his mom he is suffering from head pain. He gives the cinema tickets to Anitha and Veerasingham and ask them to watch movie instead of him because he can’t able to watch movie with this head pain.

Anitha and Veerasingham leaves from there. Prabhu wish to impress Sathya so he sended out Anitha from there. Sathya mom and grandma comes there to meet Sathya. He goes to upstairs to bring Sathya but she is busy in over draw on his frame and scolding him. Prabhu noticing this all and ask to her what’s this? She says to him she will do this only even after he knew that she was angry though he left not convincing her.

Prabhu informs to her that he brought two cinema ticket to see movie. Sathya turns happy. He added but he gave that to Anitha. He takes her down she surprise to see her mom and grandy. She got impressed by Prabhu surprise.