Sathya 8th July 2021 Written Update: Prabhu writes a poem for Sathya

Sathya 8th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Soumya says to Kathir he was talking with her happily just before what happened to him now? He tells her that he can’t be like this always she is not understanding his work tension and torturing him. He leaves from there. Sathya smiles seeing Soumya and questions her Is she learnt it now? They will show their anger on them to ruin their happiness. Soumya nods. Sathya asks Selvi to prove her words its her turn she adds that she don’t need 10 counts too.

Selvi says to her that Sasi is not like this he won’t be angry to her. Selvi wishes to follow Sathya’s idea and takes Sasi’s shirt and wears it. She looks herself in mirror and thinks she looks so happy in this dress. He will be happy to see her in this shirt. Sathya questions Selvi Is she gonna prove her wrong using her idea? Selvi says that Kathir got angry on Soumya because that sarie gifted by Kathir. Selvi covers herself with towel to surprise Sasi.

Sathya laughs at her and asks her to leave. Selvi goes near Sasi. Sasi questions her Is she has fever why is she covering herself with towel. Selvi deny it. Sasi tells her how much he loves her what can he do for her. Sathya and Soumya sigh hearing it meanwhile Selvi stares them proudly. Selvi asks him to don’t do this all just tell her how is she looking in it. Sasi questions her what did she gonna show him?

Selvi asks him to close his eyes. Sathya starts get count down. Selvi asks him to say how is she looking in this shirt? Sasi starts lashing out at Selvi for wearing his shirt. Selvi questions him why is he getting tensed? Sasi complaints that he washed and ironed this shirt to wear it in one important meeting but she ruined it all. Selvi complaints that he praised her few minutes before now lashing out at her. Sasi says both are different Sasi she asks Selvi to clean his shirt soon. Sathya starts laughing at her and questions her why is she giving this look? Doesn’t they understand men now? They nods.

Indhumathi comes there and questions them what’s going on? Sathya says her challenge to her. Indhumathi agrees with Sathya’s point. She adds that her husband is also same. She advises them to behave carefully. Indhumathi says to Sathya that tomorrow priest is coming to fix date for her first night. Sathya blushes hearing it. Indhumathi teases her and asks her to wear the sarie tomorrow. Sathya nods and runs from there.

Prabhu reaches to home. He is holding one gift box in his hand. Sathya is caressing the baby drawing and lost in her thoughts. Prabhu enters into the room and notices her standing there. He forward the gift box to her. She questions him what’s it? He tells her its a small gift to her. She says that today is not her birthday and lovers day also why is he going gift now? He says to her that he don’t need any special day to gift her. He asks her to open the gift and check it. He adds that he was disturbed seeing her dull face that’s why he brought it for her.

She finds their photo frame and one poem in it. Sathya reads it and feels happy. She says to him its good but where did he brought it? Prabhu tells her he wrote it for her who will buy it? She asks him to say it then only she will trust him. Prabhu tells her he was thinking about her whole day and write this for her but she is doubting him. He makes her sit in bed and starts say the poem looking into her eyes. Sathya feels happy and pretends like she don’t believe him. He says she can’t able to understand woman’s. Sathya informs to him that she is not disturbed instead do happy today because of him.

Episode end.