Shaadi Mubarak 27th January 2021 Written Update: Preeti arranges a gathering to confess her feelings

Shaadi Mubarak 27th January 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Preeti getting nervous and waits for the show to start on the radio while KT looks at her and ask if she wants to say something? To which she nods negatively and continues staring here and there. The show starts while Preeti gets happy, KT says that these shows are unique ways to confess love. At that time KT stops the car at a signal and the host announces Preeti’s name. As the host starts telling about Preeti’s song and dedication for KT, He goes out of the car. Preeti tries to stop him but he moves out to click pictures with his fans. Preeti looks at him and the radio where her confession along with the song is playing.

Neelima ask Neel that if they have ever done something for him? To which he says that they have done everything for him and have always given him priority. Neelima questions him that what he have done for them in return? To which he looks on. She ask him to leave Priyanka and marry Shikha while he looks on being silent. She makes an emotional drama saying about the bussiess loss and tries to manipulate him. He declares that he will do whatever she wants him to do and is ready to marry Shikha.

Preeti gets inside KT’s cabin and decorates the board with heart shape papers, She writes beautiful quotes into it and makes a beautiful design. She goes out when KT comes there. He gets mesmerised seeing the decoration and self praises himself, He smiles couldn’t able to content his happiness and goes out to bring Preeti inside.

He says that till now his fans are crazy for him and is doing all this while Preeti looks at him and clearifies that she have made it. KT gets astonished while Preeti starts to confess about her feelings when a client gets inside. She praises the decoration and then goes away while KT looks at Preeti stating that he got to know that Preeti have made this decoration to impress clients and marriage ideas. Preeti gets disheartened seeing her plans getting flop.

Neel gets Priyanka’s call but he didn’t receives it and apologised for breaking her heart.

Priyanka gets worried as Neel doesn’t answer her calls while Kususm pranks at her saying that Neel is over Priyanka, To which Priyanka defends him being emotional while Kusum says that she was just joking and told Priyanka that Neelima agreed for the alliance but wants to wait till Neel gets settled in the business field. Priyanka gets happy while Kusum informed her about going to Tibrewal’s house as Preeti have arranged a party.

Neelima praises Preeti for the get-together idea and says that KT loves such filmy confessions. KT ask the reason for arranging everything! To which Neelima appreciates Preeti and ask him to enjoy. Shivraj teases her as she praises Preeti. They makes team and starts the singing compitition. Sushant sings a song while everyone makes fun of him. At that time Kusum along with Priyanka comes there and Neelima’s smile vanishes away, She gazes towards Neel while he bends his head down. Kusum goes to KT and they both makes a team. Preeti determines herself that she will confess her feelings to KT through a song.

Precap:- KT ask Preeti to sing while she says that she wants to pour her feelings out through the song. She goes towards KT and starts singing looking into his eyes while he gets freezed to his place.

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