Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 27th January 2021 Written Update: Sai is forced to apply aalta.

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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin Spoiler: Will Sai be able to teach Pakhi a lesson?

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 27th January 2021 Written Update on

Ninad tells Sai to complete this family’s rituals we will even use force. Omkar tells it is a small ritual,freshen up fast and finish it. Sai tells your daughter-in-law has finished it so stay happy. Bhavani tells now we have to make her understand she is not going to agree like this. Bhavani holds her hands and tells I won’t let you move from here until you apply aalta.

Sai tells she really has allergy ,she asks Bhavani to understand. Bhavani tells you are lying. Pakhi tells Virat maybe thinking about leaving this house seeing his wife’s condition. Ashwini tells my son and daughter-in-law are not like this. Sai frees herself and leaves from there.

Bhavani stops her and Sonali holds her. Sonali tells even Karishma is graduated but she does all rituals. Pakhi asks Bhavani not to apply forcefully like this. Karishma tells I will apply aalta,Sai struggles to break free and drops the aalta accidentally.
Sai tells how dare you people force me,I did not drop this intentionally. Ashwini tells she was just trying to protect herself. Ashwini tells Sai sindoor,aalta all this are a sign of married lady.

Devyani steps in the aalta and tells I applied aalta. She tells I won,aai lost. Devyani says even I am married so why can’t I apply? Sai asks Bhavani if she is telling the truth? Bhavani tells Sai not to poke her nose in matters she is not involved. Devyani tells Sai should have applied Aalta for Virat. Sai asks Devyani whom is she married to,Devyani tells If I tell he will get hurt so I won’t . Sai thinks it is confirmed that Devyani is married but to whom.

Ninad tells we have to talk with Virat and make him understand this girl is not good for this house. Pakhi tells Virat has always supported Sai and today also he will definitely support her. Ashwini tells Virat married Sai,he will always support her. She tells Pakhi when you left this house Sai came there to bring you back but now you want her to leave this house. Sai tells I am not leaving the house on your saying. She tells If you all want me to leave,thn talk with Virat and if Virat says I will leave the house within a minute.

Ashwini tells I brought saree for you,wear this in the puja. Sai thanks Ashwini,she asks her where is aalta? Ashwini tells I don’t want you to get hurt because of rituals. Sai tells does this mean something can happen with Virat if I don’t finish this ritual. Ashwini tells you always tell you don’t love him so why are you worried about him? Sai tells I apply aalta because I love you and you will get hurt if anything happens with to Virat.

Sai tells nothing will happen to Virat as Pakhi has already applied aalta of his name. Sai tells Pakhi and Virat love each other. Ashwini tells you couldn’t understand my son. Sai applies aalta,she tells I am applying aalta for Virat what will he do for me? Sai tells one side ladies are called laxmi of the house and other side we try to supress them. Ashwini tells you will study lot and become a doctor. Sai tells I feel bad whenever someone makes women feel inferior.

Ashwini tells the truth is women are powerful. They can bear everything. She tells my husband never thought about doing anything for me but my son is not like this,he always supports you and fight with entire family for you. Sai tells I don’t care. Ashwini tells Virat cares for you,why would anyone bear pain for someone if he doesn’t love you?

Precap – Virat says Why would Sai say no for such a small thing like aalta? Ninad tells now you have only two choices either leave this house with your wife or ask her to leave this house. Ashwini tells him to listen to Sai first. Sai tells Ashwini I am coming aai why are you shouting? Virat gets angry listening to her.

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