Shakhi FF: Love or Destiny| Chapter- 16

Scene begins with Shaurya comes out of shopping mall speaking in phone. Anokhi follows him behind carrying the shopping covers. She curses herself for buying these many items. She thinks that she didn’t expect that Shaurya will let her carry this all. If she know it then she wouldn’t have purchased this all. While going she notices someone there. She blinks her eyes often to get a clear view and confirms who is that? She never expected him here today in this situation. Rohith is the one standing little far from her with his friends. She gets panic seeing him. Rohith is the one whom her farther fixed her marriage with. She eloped from mandap after learning his true color. She stares Shaurya and gulps her saliva. She fears to get caught because Shaurya’s mom already earned that groom once for Anokhi when he tries to take advantage on her in college. She fears that Rohith will mention Shaurya’s mom name to him. What if he get angry on her and cut all his relationship with her some weird thinking is running on her mind. She is freeze in her position. She notices that Rohith staring in her direction she covers her face with shopping covers, hey heart beats raises when Rohith walking towards her.

Anokhi has tough time to see him nearing her. Many thoughts are running on her mind. She couldn’t hold her pressure faints down. For her surprise Shaurya holds her on time. He pats her cheek but no reaction or response from her. He carry her in his arms and rushed out ordering the security to bring the shopping covers to his car. Rohith actually rushes near his friend whom waiting for him there. He only noticed Shaurya holding one girl and rushes out. He didn’t see her face at all. Poor Anokhi got panic unnecessarily and faints down. Rohith leaves from there along with his friend.

Meanwhile Shaurya is patting Anokhi’s cheek and splashes water on her face. She gets her conscious back she gets panic remembering Rohith. She hugs him in fear. Shaurya feels strange feelings inside him feeling her closeness. He finds her shivering so he understood she was scared. Shaurya pats her back in consoling way and asks her to be brave. He wipes her tears and demands her to take breath first. She follows his command. He asks her to say the reason why did she fainted? Anokhi has hard time to face him now so she says to him that she saw Rohith in that mall. Shaurya questions her who is that? She informs to him that he was the person whom about to marry her. She eloped from Mandap not to marry him. He apologise to her for not supporting her on that time. He says that staff called him regarding collage issues that’s why he didn’t concentrated on her. He again apologies to her for not taking the shopping bags and let her carry it. Anokhi smiles towards him and says to him she don’t mind. He tells her its showing her good nature let’s go and have break fast or else she will faint down again without having energy he says while ruffing her hair.

Both gets inside the car. Anokhi hesitates to start a conversation with him because she has no idea how will he take it? For her surprise he asks her to open up with him no need to hesitate. She questions him why didn’t he asked anything to her related to Rohith yet? Doesn’t he feel uncomfortable to see her behaving in this way when it comes to Rohith matter? He tells her that he is not considering Rohith is important person to discuss about him. He reminds her that he has no place in her heart as well as life. She don’t need to scared of him. She didn’t done any mistake in fact she defended for her life. He appreciates her for collecting courage and eloping from mandap to focus on her studies. He adds that many ladies should follow her ideas to achieve in their dreams. He reminds her that ladies has no safety in this society. Living alone is tough bearing people’s taunt. First they wanna make sure about their safety then only they should walk on their path bravely. He assures to her that he will help her to achieve her dreams.

Anokhi stares him in thanking way. He tells her that she can say anything to him openly if anything bothering her he is there for her in any situation. He promise to her that he will stand with her in all situation and never back off from his responsibilities. He is valuing the nuptial chain a lot. He says to her that he hates the persons whom backing off from their responsibilities he meant his mom here. Anokhi’s happiness having no bounds hearing it.

Screen froze

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