Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 14th January 2021 Written Update: Heer makes pulao for Shyam

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 14th January 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Isha saying why haven’t they called her? She could have come to the house to meet them. Sant says they need to talk to her. Isha says you didn’t even invite me in Virat’s marriage? Is he going to be father? Parmeet says Virat got married to a kinnar. So he can’t be a father. Sant says Virat is unable to forget that kinnar though she is out of my house. Sant asks for Isha’s help. He says Virat listens to you. Please help him. Parmeet says at least help him like a psychiatrist does.

Shyam comes to Heer and asks her we can find a solution of this problem together. You can take help from me. Shyam asks do you want to imagine yourself as a kinnar or you want to imagine yourself as Heer. I want your true answer. Heer remembers her family and she says that I am a kinnar so I will imagine myself like that only. Shyam says that’s great. I will teach you everything what a kinnar does. How we dance, how we clap. So can we be friends? He gives his hand. Heer accepts his friendship. Shyam says don’t cry. We start our friendship by having sweets. Heer smiles and says then I will make pulao for you.

Heer starts making pulao. Here Virat gets busy in making a tea stall. He says I won’t let you go away from me Heer. Shyam starta making music by using kitchen utensils. Heer enjoys and she laughs. Shyam plays flute as well. He makes halwa and Heer’s pulao is also ready. Angel comes and says this guy will make our lives hell. Shyam says what happened?

Angel says where was your mind? Go and see. They go outside and Heer gets shocked seeing Virat’s tea stall. Virat decorates the stall with his photos with Heer. Virat welcomes Heer and says what kind of tea you want? This ground is not yours. I am not in your house. You live with your identity and I will live with my identity. Angel and Shyam try to stop him but Virat says my father is DSP. this is government area. It’s not your father’s place. Angel enters her house with everyone. Virat notices that Isha has come. Isha hugs Virat.

Virat gets surprised. He asks good to see you after so long. Isha says make tea for me. You opened a tea stall. How could I not come? Heer observes them from window. Shyam gives tea to Heer. He says we should start our friendship with a sip of this tea. He says You should be happy that Virat is with a lady. He is happy with her. Heer remembers that she also wanted someone to come in Virat’s life. Heer closes the window. Isha says I don’t want to hide anything from you. Your parents came to my clinic and your father said you are selling tea. Why? Shyam here tells Heer that if we mix salt and chilli powder in tea how will it taste? Heer says it won’t be good. Shyam says thats what I tried to make you understand.

A man and a woman’s relationship is acceptable. Isha says to Virat why are you silent? Do you have doubts? Virat says a sweet and lovely kinnar stays here for whom I can do anything for which I will never regret or I won’t doubt myself for doing that. He says Isha should leave now. Isha says I won’t go anywhere. Heer again notices them. Virat holds Isha’s hands and they hug each other. Isha leaves. Virat says you will have to stay with me Heer, forever. Shyam says to Heer that you have to forget Virat anyhow.

Episode ends.

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