Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 18th June 2021 Written Update: Angel escapes with Mahi and Daljeet

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 18th June 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Mahi telling Preeto she can’t snatch her rights from her like this. Saumya is doing wrong. Preeto says Mahi even didn’t care for her daughter and struck a deal with this Angel how can she talk about rights. Harman says Mahi forced Saumya to come in guise of Tarana so now noone can stop her. Saumya won’t spare her. Daljeet tells Harman to leave him. Latter tells him to shut up else he will kill him before Saumya. Saumya pushes Angel angrily. Preeto tells Mahi that she already warned her, now she will see how she will be treated by her in laws. Mahi gets scared. Preeto supports Saumya saying she should show her strength to Angel. They are with Saumya. Everyone encourages Saumya. Saumya takes the whip and Angel gets shocked to see that.

Saumya comes to her saying now she will get punished for her wrong deeds, for ruining kinnar community reputation and also for crossing her limits all the time to commit crimes. Angel tells her to not beat her but Saumya beats her up with the whip saying she is giving her last chance to tell about Heer’s whereabouts else she will not stop. Angel shouts. Mahi tells Preeto to stop Saumya but Preeto shuts her up saying she won’t interfere otherwise she will get beaten up by Saumya. Mahi stays quite. Angel tells Saumya you have gone crazy. Saumya shouts at her and forces her to tell about Heer. Angel finally agrees to reveal about Heer’s whereabouts and pleads before Saumya.

Heer is shown at unconscious state who is caged somewhere. Virat decorates his room with Heer’s pictures. Parmeet asks him what is all this? Virat says he wants Heer back in his life, she is his life. Parmeet says then what about us? Sant even risked his job and brought the case file for Virat. Sant says he loves Virat the most. Virat shuts them up saying he got to know about Sant’s lie. He even released those criminals who kidnapped his love Heer. Now he can’t trust his parents. Saumya was right about them. They don’t care about their son’s happiness when because of Heer only Virat got better. Virat leaves and Sant gets angry.

Angel says she got afraid after seeing Saumya’s true self. Daljeet tells Angel to not reveal about Heer else they will get killed. Angel says she can’t bear the pain anymore. She asks for water. Preeto tells Saumya to allow Angel to drink water, if she dies they won’t be able to know about Heer. Saumya tells Angel to help herself. Angel somehow walks and goes near dining table to drink water and she suddenly starts throwing all the glasses and stuffs that are kept on table. The broken pieces and water make the floor slippery. Everyone is about to lose their balance but they help each other. Angel Daljeet and Mahi take the advantage of the situation and run away. Mahi turns back and looks at the family members. She gets confused whether to leave them or not. Angel drags her with them thinking without Mahi they can’t succeed in their plan.

Angel feels pain and says she won’t spare Saumya. She tells Mahi to file complaint against Harman again. She tells her put to harassment charges. Mahi agrees. She says she is doing all these to get Harman and Heer back in her life only. Angel says she will help Mahi but if she betrays them Heer won’t be safe. Mahi says nothing should happen to Heer. Virat overhears their talk. Daljeet says he is going to Heer. Virat thinks he never thought Daljeet will become his enemy. Virat follows him to know about Heer. Other side, Heer murmurs Virat’s name.

Next day Angel and Mahi arrive with Police. Preeto opens the door and starts her acting. Angel blames Preeto. Preeto says Mahi misunderstood them Saumya already left. Mahi tells inspector to check inside as last night there were mess everywhere. Police get inside.

Episode ends

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