Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 21st August 2019 Written Update: Preeto stops Saumya from leaving the house!


Episode starts with Harak screaming at Samuya.

Mahi interuptts and  Harak ask Mahi not to speak in between. Mahi says Suamya is Harman’s true love and she can’t throw Saumya out. The duo does an argument.

Harak ask Saumya to go way from his house. Preeto looks at them from far. Suamya cries and turns to leave.

Harman’s illusion keeps hand on Preeto’s shoulder. Preeto gets happy. Harman ask Preeto to stop Saumya from leaving. He says if Saumya will be here than he too will be around them and they can see and feel him. Preeto stands confused.

Preeto stops Saumya from leaving the house. Saumya stops and turns around. Preeto says Saumya will not go anywhere because Harman wants the same. She says to Harak that this house is witness of HAYA love and thus Saumya will not go anywhere. Saumya gets teary. Harman vanishes and Preeto goes mad.

Saumya runs towards Preeto and hugs her tightly. Singh mates stand shocked. Preeto cries. Harak leaves the house in anger. Shanno thinks to destroy Harak house.

Harak Singh goes to the same place and recalls his moments with Harman. He sees alcohol bottle and self-talk with himself. He gets emotional and asks Harman to return for his and Preeto’s sake. Wind blows and Harak feels Harman around. He cries.

Harak thinks to jump from the cliff but steps back. He says for Preeto and Mahi he needs to stand strong.

Preeto goes to her room and sees Harman photo. She says she knows that he is around. She asks Harman to come back (Luka Chuppi song plays in the background). Preeto recalls her moments with Harman and cries hard.

Saumya holds Harman’s photo. She places the photo and a note inside the bottle and says she sending this bottle in a hope that whosoever will get it, the person will tell her about his whereabouts. Saumya prays to God for Harman and throws the bottle.

15 days later

Saumya continues to throw the bottle with Harman’s photo and note from the same place and prays for Harman.

At night Saumya talks with herself and says she don’t now till when she has to wait for Harman. Harman comes and puts his hand on Saumya’s shoulder.

Saumya sees Harman and gets happy. She hugs Harman tightly and cries. Harman says how she will die like that. Saumya breaks the hug and holds Harman’s hand. She ask him not to leave her ever. She asks Harman to come with her home. Saumya drags Harman. Harman picks up the bottle Saumya used to throw for Harman.

Harman ask Saumya to break the bottle with a hope that destiny will unite the lovers and they don’t need any help from any bottle. Harman and Saumya throw the bottle together. Saumya wakes up from the sleep (it was Saumya’s dream).

People at Singh house says to Harak that Harman won’t return now do his last rituals. Preeto ask them to leave the house.

Few women’s ask Mahi to break her bangles. Saumya comes and ask them to stop. Everyone looks at Saumya. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Saumya, Raavi and Sindhu dances at Mahi’s baby shower.

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