Barrister Babu 4th December 2020 Written Update: Trilochan lets the girls stay at Roy Chaudhary Haweli

Barrister Babu 4th December 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Trilochan asking Koyli to purify Bondita and her stuff with Ganga water and recommends not to let Anirudh know about that since he won’t understand the necessity to purify Bondita after she will come back after staying with Heera Mandi girls.

Bondita assures the girls and Anirudh that she will go inside to convince Trilochan. She goes inside and Trilochan asks whether studies are going on well. Bondita replies no and tells him what Saudamini did. Trilochan bashes Saudamini and asks Bondita whether Anirudh has found another place. Bondita tells him that Anirudh has brought everyone to the Roy Chaudhary Haweli. Trilochan gets angry and says that he won’t let Heera Mandi girls come inside until he is alive.

Just then Binoy throws a collar in front of Trilochan and asks him to make Anirudh wear it and make him Saudamini and Greenwood’s servant. Bondita says that she cannot let Anirudh become Saudamini’s servant and asks them whether they won’t help her.

After a while, Bondita goes outside and reveals Anirudh, Saurabh and the girls that Trilochan has agreed. Anirudh gets happy and Bondita claps excitedly. Anirudh tells the girls that they will stay in his mansion and there is no safer place. Saurabh leaves after handing over the book to Anirudh.

Anirudh and the girls get inside the mansion. Anirudh says that the girls will be safe here and can study hard. He asks Bondita to show the mansion to her friends. She takes them with her while Anirudh leaves.

Bondita shows her room to the girls and then takes them to Anirudh’s study room. She says that they have a big kitchen and also Durga Maa’s temple. Suraya says that her house is huge. Elaichi tells that her husband’s house was bigger but Palak interrupts her reminding her how she was thrown out because of the lower class of her mother.

Anirudh comes and thanks Bondita for pointing out that her group needed a safer place. Bondita says that he should thank Binoy since he helped her to convince Trilochan. Bondita continues the tour of the house.

Trilochan recommends Koyli to keep the girls downstairs and far from Durga Maa’s idol and give them separate dishes too. Binoy says that if Anirudh comes to know it he will get angry. Anirudh comes and hugs Trilochan thanking him for breaking his own rules for him. Anirudh looks at Binoy and remembers him taking his side in front of Greenwood.

He says that Bondita told him that he convinced Trilochan and he won’t say thank you for that because it would be too less for what he is doing for him: he knows he cares for him and protects him even if he doesn’t openly say that. He hugs Binoy.

On the other hand, Bondita gives some clothes to the girls. Ramaya says that she doesn’t know how to thank her and Anirudh. She says that her mother says that there is no thank you between own people.

In the morning, the girls sit for the class. Elaichi asks Bondita whether she is wearing new saree. Bondita replies that Trilochan gives her lots of sarees. Elaichi seems jealous. Anirudh comes in and announce that he will test them. When Bondita says that he hadn’t told them about the test. He says that difficulties in life don’t come by warning. He says that he will ask five questions to each.

The girls insist that class monitor aka Bondita should go first so Bondita goes in nearby room with Anirudh for the test. The girls ask Ramaya to try to overhear but in vain. Anirudh asks the five questions to Bondita and then asks her to send the next student. Badal goes after Bondita. One by one, every girl gives the test.

Anirudh comes back to the classroom and says that he asked five questions to each of them and now he has results in his hands. He asks whether they want to know their score and everyone shakes their heads. Anirudh says that they have to know.

Suraya and Elaichi have given no right answer and Elaichi even answered that Anirudh built Taj Mahal. Everyone laughs but Anirudh shouts that there is nothing to laugh about and asks them to study well. Bondita thinks that the protector is becoming devil and if her group gets scared then how they will study.

Episode ends

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