Sherdil Shergill 31st October 2022 Written Update: Manmeet denies Shergills to attend Raj’s engagement

Sherdil Shergill 31st October 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Manmeet opening door and finds Raj there. She asks him why was he there. Raj says he was calling her again and again but she kept disconnecting so he had to come. Puneet comes there and greets Raj. She suggests Manmeet to take Raj to bedroom and talk properly. Manmeet says it’s not needed but Raj says its good idea and goes inside. Ajeet scolds Puneet for sending them alone in room. Puneet says once they come out things will change for better.

Ajeet wants to go inside but Puneet stops him. He gets worried about what’s going on and is about to knock when Raj opens the room and leaves. Manmeet follows him and angrily says never to meet her again. Puneet asks what’s going on. Manmeet tells that whatever happened is of no use and from now they should not think about Raj. Puneet asks about Raj’s engagement. Manmeet strictly says that no one from them will be attending the engagement. Bhairav Singh, his men and Raj Kumar comes to meet the goons who had bet Raj.

Bhairav Singh questions the goon why he had beat Raj, he ends up lying that he had thought Raj is rich so he got greedy and attacked him. Bhairav and Murari says how in cctv it looked so different. However he doesn’t say anything else and returns Raj’s purse and watch. Bhairav tells Himmat to break his thigh bone. Raj tries to stop him but Bhairav Singh’s men badly beat up everyone. Raj tells that all his things are returned back and its his engagement tomorrow so he doesn’t want any curses so they should leave them.

Flashback shows how Raj had met the goons and asked them not to reveal the truth to his father. He tells that he will give his wallet and watch. That man asks Raj what would they get in return. Raj promises to give them 5 lakhs and they should speak only what he has told them. Raj then went to meet Manmeet at her house. He tells her to return his things which were with her. Raj asks for his watch and wallet but when Manmeet opens the cupboard he demands her to give him 5 lakhs too.

Manmeet gets shocked and asks him why should she give him the money. He gives a silly breakdown of calculation from how he deserves salary of being doing 3 months internship and then acting as her husband for 4 days. Manmeet tells him to take the money and never meet her again. Later at office Hussain asks Manmeet if she will attend Raj’s engagement. He tries to convey her to attend it to maintain professional relationship with Bhairav Singh. Manmeet thinks of her moments with Raj and the episode ends with Manmeet saying Husain that she feels she should actually go to Raj’s engagement.

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