Swaran Ghar 31st October 2022 Written Update: Balli refuses to donate his liver

Swaran Ghar 31st October 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

In today’s episode, Balli questions Swaran about her tears. Swaran wipes her tears and says that this is tears of happiness. Balli asks if Swaran doesn’t need his liver for Nakul. Swaran says yes. Balli signals her to smile in that case. Swaran follows his instruction. Swaran seeks Balli’s permission to go to Gurudwara and pray for Nakul as today his surgery will take place. Balli grants her permission to go. Balli asks her to come downstairs with a smile on face. Balli leaves. Swaran cries. Swaran, Yug gear up to leave for Gurudwara. Balli stops Yug from accompanying Swaran and says that he will go with Swaran.

Swaran tries to object but agrees later. Vikram comes there. Balli tells him that he will give Nakul a part of his liver and share of the property to Vikram. Swaran, Balli leave for Gurudwara. Bebe asks Vikram if he is happy now. Vikram doesn’t reply and leaves. At Gurudwara, Swaran meets Ankita and Divya. They ask her if she has come to pray for Nakul. Swaran says yes. Balli spots them together. Ankita says that they are happy to see Swaran. She mentions about Ajit. Balli asks Swaran to leave from there. Ankita feels bad thinking about Swaran. Swaran gives Nakul’s photograph to Godsman and wishes to pray for him. Ankita, Divya join her.

Swaran feels blessed to have them by her side. They all pray for Nakul. Balli asks Swaran to leave with him and asks if she wants to pray for Ajit too. Swaran says no. Balli drags Swaran outside. They got stopped by a donation procedure. Divya recalls her deed and regrets for spoiling both Swaran and Ajit’s lives. Swaran hears prayer for Ajit from outside and prays for him. She thanks God for letting her be a part of the prayer. Yug signals at Swaran. Saroj sees it and informs Balli that the donation procedure was planned by Swaran and Yug so that Swaran can hear the prayer for Ajit. Balli asks Swaran to leave for home. Swaran says that they have to go to hospital for Nakul’s surgery.

Balli says no they will go to Swaran Ghar only. They take Swaran home forcefully. At hospital, Nakul learn about Swaran’s tragedy from Kiran and Bebe. He blames himself and wishes to die. Kiran, Bebe ask him to not blame himself. Kiran says that they were helpless as Ajit got stroke suddenly. Yug calls Bebe and asks them to come home immediately. Kiran asks Bebe if Balli will come for the surgery. Bebe says yes as Swaran had put her everything at stake for this surgery she will definitely bring Balli for the surgery. Swaran folds hands before Balli and requests him to go to hospital. Bebe arrives at Swaran Ghar and asks what happened. Balli says that he wishes to go for the surgery but due to Swaran the plan is cancelled now.

Yug tries to defend Swaran but Balli asks him to not interfere. He tells Bebe that Swaran prayed for Ajit at Gurudwara. Yug says that it was his idea. Balli gets aggressive. Swaran stops him. Swaran says that the prayer was done by Ajit’s children not her. She says that she didn’t do anything. Balli says that he won’t do anything too. Swaran falls on his feet and asks him to not do this as Nakul doesn’t have time in hand. Yug joins Swaran. Saroj says that no surgery will take place. Balli says that today’s plan is cancelled. Swaran pleads before him and says that she did whatever he asked her to do and will do the same in future too. He reminds Swaran to smile. Swaran smiles and asks him to leave for surgery. Balli asks Swaran to sign on the property papers first. The episode ends.

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