Sherdil Shergill 28th October 2022 Written Update: Puneet questions Raj if he wants to get married

Sherdil Shergill 28th October 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Raj introducing his fiance, Anisha to Manmeet. He says he had come to check apartment of top floor as he will be getting married soon so they will shift separately. He says engagement is after two days and asks Manmeet if she will attend. Raj says he will leave now as they need to go somewhere. But Manmeet invites them inside and insists on talking to Anisha. Raj tries to make excuses to leave but Manmeet keeps talking to Anisha. Raj feels annoyed by seeing Manmeet getting friendly with Anisha.

Manmeet asks Anisha when did they meet and decide to get married. Anisha says just a few hours before. Raj goes to washroom and thinks why did he try to trigger Manmeet and bring Anisha there. Puneet meets Raj and asks him how did he make them strangers so soon. He calls her Aunty Ji but Puneet tells to call Mummy Ji instead. Raj tells ok and Puneet also questions him that if he doesn’t want to get married. Raj gets shocked and says he wants to marry and leaves.

Manmeet gifts Anisha perfume and says she bought it from Paris. She tells as their fashion sense is similar so she feels Anisha will like it. Anisha checks it and says its her favourite perfume. Raj tells Anisha that they should leave now. Anisha questions Raj why did he take her to meet Manmeet, Raj makes silly excuses. Anisha tells if something is going on between them and if she was in his place she would have married Manmeet as she likes her. Raj jokes about it. Manmeet thinks about the recent happenings.

Manmeet recalls Raj’s words about his confession and how he said they should never meet again. Manmeet thinks how can she answer Raj when he asks weird questions and finds answers himself. Puneet tells Ajeet that she is sure Raj doesn’t want to get married. She requests Ajeet to help her to stop the marriage. Ajeet warns her not to do anything stupid. Manmeet comes to office and finds a gift hamper on her desk. Hussain asks her to check it. She finds some sweets and an invitation for Raj and Anisha’s engagement. Hussain says he had thought Raj is joking but he is actually getting married.

Manmeet avoids the topic and tells him to focus on work instead. Raj celebrates Bhai Dooj with his sisters and later Murari tells him that they have found goons who had beat Raj and asks him to come with him later to meet them. Raj gets worried and calls Manmeet for help but she keeps disconnecting his call. Raj calls Puneet and says her to inform her when Manmeet comes home as he needs some urgent help. Anisha invites Raj to go with her to watch comedian act in Kuku’s club which leaves Raj shocked. He makes excuses and denies to go. The episode ends with Choti planning something big against Raj.

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