Sherdil Shergill 7th November 2022 Written Update: Manmeet forces Raj out of her house

Sherdil Shergill 7th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Manmeet coming to house & slapping Raj Kumar misunderstanding the situation because of that bullet gets fired by Raj and hurts one of Mr Yadav’s men. Manmeet loses her control and asks Raj to leave her house immediately. She tells Vidya to take Anmol inside. Puneet tries to make Manmeet understand the situation but she doesn’t hear anything and pushes Raj to leave house immediately. At door, Ajeet meets Raj and sees gun in his hand, he gets shocked and asks what happened.


Manmeet says that Raj and his family played trick with them. Mr Yadav kept her engaged at office and here Raj came to take Anmol. Puneet asks her to shut up and clears the misunderstanding how Raj actually saved them and Anmol from the goons. Mr Yadav asks Murari why Anmol hasn’t reached lab yet for DNA test. Murari says they couldn’t get the child. Raj comes and says that its because he would have shot them if they took step ahead towards Anmol. They have an argument and Bhairav Singh slaps Raj. Nirali comes in between and tells Raj didn’t do anything wrong.

Bhairav Singh tells Nirali not to come in between. Raj says its between father and son now. He also warns Bhairav Singh that next time if he tries to harm Anmol or Manmeet he will next target of the bullet. Bhairav Singh says that now he is even looking into his eyes and talking against him because of Manmeet. Raj says not to misunderstand him but he still loves and respects him equally but he doesn’t want Bhairav Singh to stoop so low. He promises to bring DNA test results but in his own way.

Ajeet checks the lawsuits and says he will send Bhairav Singh to jail. Puneet tells him to think twice that if he reports Bhairav Singh even Raj will have to go to jail but he is one who saved them. Puneet says they can do whatever they want but she wants to ask Manmeet one question. She asks Manmeet what’s the problem in getting the DNA test done when it can solve all the problems. Manmeet gets shocked and brings her maternity file. She says how she was all alone through all the procedures of IVF and when she gave birth to Anmol too.

Manmeet shows Anmol’s birth certificate which has her name in both father and mother’s place. Choti tries to manipulate Nirali against Manmeet and says she is intentionally trying to stop Raj and Anisha’s engagement. Mr Yadav comes and asks if she is the one who wanted to stop the engagement and questions her about how Nikki and Mehtas came to the engagement. Choti lies again and tries to put blame on Manmeet saying she loves Raj so she is doing everything. The episode ends with Manmeet feeling guilty of slapping Raj and thinks how to talk to him.

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