Soulmate: Udaariyaan serial track| Chapter : 6

Scene begins with Rupy complaints that Virk family is playing with his daughter life. First they came to ask Tejo hands now their son saying he needs Jasmin. Virk apologies to him and says that some misunderstanding happens here. Fateh interrupts him and says that its his mistake he didn’t mention Jasmin name first he asks him to confirm with Jasmin whether she loves him or nor then take a decision? Rupy calls Jasmin out and demands her to say her decision. Jasmin says to him she loves Fateh. Rupy tells him that her only aim is to settle in canada. Fateh says to him that he got a letter to join back in boxing academy Canada. He wanna leave to Canada that’s why he wanna perform his marriage soon. Rupy says to them that he can’t able to give permission to this marriage reasoning people will badmouth them if he perform second daughter marriage when first daughter is in home. Fateh literally cursed Tejo for always being a head ache to him. Tejo comes there and asks Rupy to calm down. Fateh glares her when did he reminds their clashes between them. Tejo says to him that she has no interest to marry now why did he ruining Jasmin happiness for her? Tejo asks him to arrange their marriage first. Fateh gets relieve after hearing it. Rupy complaints that no one will understand their problem and come forward to marry her. Tejo says to him she will wait for that person to come and hold her hand.

Satti praises Tejo for taking a matured decision though she feels scared thinking about her future. Gupreeth comes there and says to Rupy that they will take care of his daughter well so nothing to worry. Just give permission to their marriage. Satti and Tejo convinces him and agrees to this marriage. Everyone gets happy to hear it. Jasmin hugs Tejo in happiness. Fateh family discusses with Rupy and takes a date for their marriage.

Shopping and marriage arrangements are happening faster then they expected because of the schedule. Fateh wanna go back to Canada as much as possible. So they are rushing up the things. Fateh never misses the chance to talk with Jasmin. But Tejo is kind a behave like she lost something in all journey. Jasmin never fails to notice this and feels bad for Tejo. Once Jasmin stares to Fateh that Tejo loves someone but she has no idea who is that person? Fateh reminds the way Tejo proposed him in sangeeth function. Then he reminds that she mentioned it as prank. Jasmin says to him that Tejo loves that person a lot she is not even stared his name to them and waiting for that person to marry him. She even rejected many proposals for that person. Fateh gives a look like he is not interested in Tejo matters. But something makes him shocked. Jasmin says to him that her lover attended one conference in Collage. He is the chief guest there he came to influence students. Fateh gets shock to hear it because he too went to that college like there. He asks her to mention the year and time. She says to him last year but she failed to meet him. Fateh confirms that Tejo mentioning him only because he was the one attended the conference. On the same day only he met Jasmin and fell in love with her. Jasmin brings him back to world and says let’s find that person and unite her with Tejo. Fateh says it’s impossible under his breath.

Another side Tejo is shown staring someone photo in her phone. She whispers that she gonna miss him.

Screen froze.

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