Spy Bahu: Are Yohan and Sejal in love?

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Colors TV show Spy Bahu is the story of a small town girl who marries a rich guy to take revenge for the terrorist attack on her family. Sejal later realizes the mistake she made when Yohan gets shot trying to save her. Sejal is now on her new mission to prove Yohan innocent and catch the real terrorist which she suspects is her own lost brother Farid Mirza. Can Sejal keep her secret and will Yohan forgive Sejal after knowing her truth?

Yohan told Sejal we came in hurry but we didn’t make any plan and all we have is a gun. Sejal told we won’t need it all we need to do is record the deal and send it to police. Yohan told he is not worried as we have been through so much together that we will do this too.

Yohan and Sejal stared at each other as Keh Do Na plays in BM. Yohan met an accident and damaged the car. Yohan tried asking for lift but failed. Sejal used a football to fake being pregnant. Sejal asked for lift they got lift from the first car. The family asked Yohan and Sejal about their honeymoon.

Yohan told they went to Kashmir and described hills and snows. Sejal continued and described lakes. Yohan and Sejal imagined themselves in Kashmir and enjoying together. Yohan and Sejal reached the location and hid in corner. Yohan asked Sejal if she was thinking the same thing as him when he was telling about their imaginary honeymoon?

Yohan told he think even she wants to live that fake story in reality. Sejal stayed silent and Yohan asked does she know even silence is an answer. Sejal told she is sorry and she realized her mistakes and tells Yohan he is a very good person and deserves a good life so she will leave him forever.

Sejal told Yohan I want divorce from you. The truck arrived with guns and bombs and Shah called Avishek and told he has reached the point with consignment. Sejal and Yohan recorded everything.

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