Story 9 Months Ki 29th January 2021 Written Update: Sarang feels like a failure

Story 9 Months Ki 29th January 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Alia telling Sarang how she felt about her pregnancy. Sarang says that her happiness can be seen in her eyes. Alia says that she can see only fear in his eyes though and asks what was his first feeling when he learnt that he became her baby’s donor, if it was happiness. She says that sometimes a sudden thing that happen can become a burden and not surprise and asks what guarantee is there that he won’t choose his dreams over her baby in future. She doesn’t want her baby to go through what she did.

 Sarang says that he won’t leave her baby since he is his too. She asks her to think that this is not his child and he did only an experiment. She makes him understand that they have same childhood maybe but their way of looking at life is different: he saw an interview and came to Mumbai while she plans everything. She tells him that the place where they are standing is the best and most expensive school of Mumbai and her child will study there: she has planned everything. She says that he has just started his life and has to struggle a lot to become a successful writer yet, she has to become someone yet. She doesn’t want to insult him but the truth is that she isn’t emotionally and financially ready to become a father.

She doesn’t mean that money can buy happiness since her father had money yet didn’t keep her happy. She is keen on giving a motherly and fatherly love to her child. She tells Sarang that she is focused in her work to give all the time to her child: if they are busy to gain money and make life, then the child will have to compromise. She says that their lives are very different. A tear runs on Sarang’s cheek.

Alia wants to thank him. Sarang asks why. Alia says that he unknowingly helped her fulfilling her dream to become a mother so she wants to help him fulfilling his dream to become writer. She gives him a cheque and asks him to write and publish as much as he wants but not to come in her and her baby’s way. Sarang takes the cheque with teary eyes. “Yeh kya kiya khudaa” plays.

Alia goes to sit in car and hopes Sarang forgives her for the way she treated him. Mr Poonawala calls her and asks about his grandchild’s party. Alia thinks she forgot about it. She fixes a meeting with him. She tells Sarang that there is meeting tomorrow and asks him to write the poetry. Sarang asks how he can write a poetry about father when he isn’t ready for the responsibility of becoming father. She asks him to keep professional and personal life divided. She leaves.

Sarang keeps recalling Alia’s words while walking. He reaches Kavya’s café. She sees him and wonders why he seems so sad. Sarang sits and looks at the cheque. He calls her mother and shares with her how helpless he feels: he first lived like his father wanted and now following Alia’s orders. Kamleshwari asks why he is talking like this. Alia feels sorry for having said all that to Sarang. She is crying too and wipes her tears. Kamleshwari suggests Sarang to come to Madhura but he asks how when he hasn’t gained enough money. He feels like a failure. Sarang cries. Kamleshwari tries comforting him and asks him not to cry. Kavya looks at Sarang. She goes to him. She talks with Kamleshwari who asks whether the two of them have fought. Kavya asks her not to worry since she is there for Sarang. Kamleshwari feels relieved.

Kavya asks Sarang to eat something and says that she will drop him home. On the other hand, Alia says that she has even fired Sarang previously but today she feels bad seeing him hurt.

Episode ends

Precap: Sarang comes to talk with Alia and says that he won’t ever leave her and will be like a shadow to her. He kneels in front of her.