Sufiyana Pyar Mera- Zaroon to reprimand Kainat but will Saltanat do the same?

The battle between emotions and logical reasoning has begun for Saltanat in Star Bharat’s triangular love story Sufiyana Pyar Mera. On one hand, she is fully aware of the fact that Kainat can go to any lengths to satisfy her wishes and desires and on the other, she is now thinking Kainat as her blood relative and getting more emotionally attached to her than before. Her logic tells her someone as psyched as Kainat can never change but her emotions will be on the side where she wants to believe that Kainat has really changed for better.

In the recent episode, Kainat dodged the falling chandelier away to save Saltanat from getting hurt and in the process hurt herself. Saltanat is surprised from such a brave and kind act from Kainat’s end and she might now be thinking that Kainat has become a different person now. But Zaroon doesn’t have any faith and trust in Kainat howsoever. He even thinks that the whole incident is Kainat’s plan and she is just pretending to be sacrificial and nice to win everyone’s heart so she could backstab them later.

In the upcoming episode, Zaroon will confront Kainat and reprimand her to stop anything if she is trying to hurt Saltanat and him again. He will tell her to stay away and not meet Saltanat until their Nikah is conducted. After this, there will be a scene between Kainat and Saltanat where Kainat will gift Saltanat a doll. Then she will tell Saltanat that she is now free to be with Zaroon and she doesn’t mind if Saltanat and Zaroon get happily married.

This act of Kainat will surprise Saltant a lot. Is it for real or is she pretending again? Find out more by tuning in to the show. Do follow us for more updates and news.