Suifyana Pyaar Mera- Kainat is going to betray Saltanat again!

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera on Star Bharat has brought an old-age story of love, trust and betray in a completely unique set up where two identical sisters are fighting for one single man- one with her hearty goodness and other with her mindful evilness. While Saltanat is all about family, relationships, honesty, and virtue; Kainat is selfish, cunning, manipulative and dishonest.

Saltanat is ready to sacrifice her happiness if that means everyone in the family will have peace and happiness for themselves while Kainat just wants to fulfill her desire and be happy alone rather than keeping everyone happy. Whatever she wants, she gets it by hook or by crook.

In the process of making Zaroon fall in love with her instead of Saltanat, she has manipulated almost everyone and tried even some cruel crimes against Saltanat. For a quite a while now she has been acting up as a changed woman who has abandoned her evil traits. So, family members still admired her for her goody acts. But what is inside a person never really changes; Kainat is going to prove this saying once again. As per the newly arrived spoilers, the fans will soon get to see the new low her character could get in the show.

In the upcoming episode, Kainat will plot a very manipulative deed which might change the whole direction of the show. She is going to spike the milk that Saltanat is going to drink on her wedding night and make sure Saltanat ends up drinking the same. Salatanat will go to the kitchen and drink the spiked milk and fall unconscious on the kitchen floor before her wedding night.

Kainat will then lock her up in a room and then disguise herself in Saltanat’s dresses. She will go to spend the night with Zaroon as Saltanat. Will Zaroon identify her or will she get what she has wanted for long? Tune in for this interesting turn of events. Keep this space abuzz for more news and updates.