Sundari 12th January 2023 Written Update: Valli is stubborn

Sundari 12th January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Valli asking Sundari to stop this operation. Sundari looks confused. She tells her that doctor said she won’t get back her eye sight after operation. It’s a 50-50 chance only. Mallika assures Valli that Sundari will get back her vision. Valli says that doctor wants to confirm that she will get back her visions. She adds that Sundari born in temple. When she born everyone said she won’t survive though God saved her. She will give her to that god hand but she won’t give her to this doctor for luck. Mallika asks her to believe in her. She is considering Sundari as her daughter. Valli adds that she is considering her as her daughter then she is her own daughter. She has more care on her than Mallika. Valli tells her that she won’t allow Sundari to do this surgery. She adds that father used to take their kids pain mostly. But Sundari’s father died in few years. She took the responsibility on her head. Murugan says that he will take care of everything. Valli says that he is also considering her as his daughter. Though she was worried about Sundari. That is why she forced Sundari to marry leaving her dreams behind. She regrets her mistakes now. If she shouldn’t have stopped her then Sundari may be achieved her dream now.

Valli says that she has no issues if God take back her eyes. But she isn’t ready to test Doctor’s talent using Sundari. She is adamant in her decision. Murugan asks her to believe him one time. Valli says that she is ready to give her life for him. She is trusting him a lot but she won’t accept this decision of him. If he assures him that Sundari will get back her vision then she will agree to this. Murugan says that it’s tough to give Guarantee to this. Valli says that she wants to see what god stored for her. She is ready to face everything. Valli asks Murugan to give gurantee to her she will leave Sundari here.

Doctor tries to convince Valli to agrees to their decision. She adds that it’s medical rule to don’t give 100% gurantee in anything. They are not god to give gurantee to them. She adds that if she do this surgery 50% chance is there to get back the eye sight. If she fail to do this now then she may be lost her vision forever. Valli complaints that they are not sure in their words. Doctor tells her that she isn’t understanding the seriousness of this case. Valli asks them to stop forcing her. She won’t allow to take place this surgery. If they force her then she will die. Murugan is taken back when she threatens him. God will definitely help Sundari to get back her eyes. Valli takes her from there. Mallika tries to stop her but Murugan stops Mallika. Valli demands Krishna to take her to home. She adds that she won’t allow this surgery to take place.

Mallika complaints to Murugan that he shouldn’t have stopped her. Valli isn’t understanding the seriousness in this matter. She would have faced any situation there. She isn’t able to imagine Sundari without her eye sight. Murugan says that Valli is adamant in this decision. Sundari also listens to her only. Without her sign they won’t agree to perform this surgery. Murugan assures her that he will convince her. Mallika asks him to convince Sundari first. Murugan assures her. Later, Ghilli and Arun are discussing about Sundari. Ghilli mocks at Arun for backfired plans of him. He teases him that his time is bad. He is facing failures continues. Ghilli guessed that Arun is planning something in silent.

Valli takes Sundari back to home. Appatha and Janaki inquires her what happened? Valli narrates to her what happened there. She gets angry when Mallika take decisions Sundari’s life without her permission. Appatha asks Valli why didn’t she tried for that 50% chance? Valli says that she is able to save her child with god’s blessing. Appatha says that she won’t help straight. She gets disappointed with her decision. She thinks that Valli isn’t understanding the situation.

Episode end