Sundari 12th September 2022 Written Update: Murugan gets suspicious

Sundari 12th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Anu inquiring Murugan where he went? Is he feel hungry he can eat again. Lakshmi inquired him why is he looking dull? He hesitated to reveal the truth to them and lies to them as nothing. Murugan asks Malini and Krishna to take blessings from Mallika. She blessed them and give her return gift. Murugan asked her what’s the need of it? Mallika tells him that he bring them here to give feast for her sake. So, it’s her duty to do this rituals. Anu asks Krishna to take her car to drop them in home. Her driver will drive another car. Selvi shares with Anu to ask her if she wish to eat tasty food. Anu assured to ask her. Anu asks Sundari to cover up the portion which she left. She asks her to return the necklace when she gets free time. Anu shares with her that she shouldn’t mistake her for often asking about Neckalce. Sundari assured to her. Murugan returns the phone to Mallika. He hesitated to reveal the truth to her. Sundari stops him and take from there.

Later, Karthick waits outside till Murugan leaves from there. He thinks that they took lots of time to leave. Selvi praised Mallika’s food taste. She adds that it’s hard to cook for everyone in short time. Valli shares with her that she have good heart. She used to treat Sundari as her daughter. When Sundari resigned her CEO position. She came to home to convince her. No one will do like this. She praised her good nature. Selvi adds that Anu also a good girl. She took blessings from her when she see her first. Meanwhile, Murugan thinks that Subbu’s character doesn’t look good. He is betraying Anu it seems.

Mallika asked him to inquire about him. But he didn’t take it seriously. She shouldn’t have done like that. Everyone won’t suspect a person without a reason. He thinks that a lady called him and talked with him like he is well know person to her. She is talking with him without fear like wife. If he cheating Anu? Anu is pregnant now. She already have many complications in her pregnancy. How he will share with her in this state? Valli asks Murugan why is he staying silent? Is he lost somewhere? Murugan shares with them that he lost in some thoughts. He shared with them that he feels something fishy with Anu’s husband attitude. He is a wrong person it seems. Selvi also supports him reasoning he is not a good match to Anu. He looks suspicious.

Murugan shares with Lakshmi that he feels something fishy whenever he see him. He questions Lakshmi Is she send the right photo to him? Hee feels that he saw another photo. Lakshmi lies with him that she sent his photo. He sent young age photo to him. That’s why he looks old in real. Krishna tells her he may photoshopped it. Murugan tells her that he looked handsom in old pic. Lakshmi shares with him that he is thinking a lot. What’s the need to dig the old things? Murugan tells her that he won’t stay quiet if it happen to Sundari or Malini. He shouldn’t have take this matter easily. He wants to search about his background. Selvi supported him. Murugan asks Sundari to share his details. Valli shares with him that she is coming in another car.

Murugan adds that Anu is very good friend of Sundari. If something happen to her then she will be worried for her. Later, Anu shares with Mallika that it’s a big family. She feels lonely after they went. Mallika tells her that Karthick has a big family too. If he think she will get a beautiful family members. Meanwhile, Karthick returns to home and inquired Anu about Murugan. She informs him that they left. Karthik shares with her that he missed meeting him again. Mallika asks him to stop worrying about it. She will call him again. Karthik denied it reasoning they will be tired. Anu asks him to take food. Later, Arun burns the invitation and thinks that Sundari stopped his wedding. He will teach a lesson to her.

Episode end

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