Sundari 13th January 2023 Written Update: Murugan’s firm decision

Sundari 13th January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mallika returning to home. Anu asks her what happened? Doesn’t she said to her she will return home after Sundari’s surgery. Mallika shares with Karthick that Valli didn’t allowed to perform this operation. Karthick gets shocked to hear it. Any asks her didn’t she said to Valli that Sundari is in critical condition?

She will loss her eye sight. Mallika says that Valli isn’t understanding the situation. Anu complaints that everyone are a dramatic persons in her family. She adds that she didn’t like this drama of them. Mallika complaints that she already has head ache. Stop troubling her more. Anu fumes. Mallika asks Kartick to give Sundari’s report to Sundari. Anu deny it reasoning she is treating him as a servant like Sundari’s family. She demands her to send driver not Karthick.

Murugan says that they arranged everything for her surgery. But she is adamant not to allow it. She isn’t understanding her situation. She needs immediate surgery. Murugan asks her to accept it. Valli tells him that she doesn’t want to deny his words. She will listen to him. But he wants to give gurantee to her that she will get back her eye sight. She will definitely allow to perform this surgery. Valli asks him to leave this matter and excuses them.

Murugan asks Sundari to say something in this matter. Sundari tells him that she isn’t able to go against his words. Murugan adds that she may be listen to Karthick. He is important to her than him. He calls Karthick. Karthick noticed Murugan call and fears to attend it seeing Anu near him. Murugan gets disappointed when he failed to attend the call. He thinks that he didn’t notice Karthick in the hospital. Doesn’t he asked Karthick to take care of her. Why he is giving importance to his job than Sundari. He asks Sundari won’t she listen to him? Sundari stays silent there. Later, Anu drifts into sleep. Mallika asks Karthick to leave. He denies it reasoning Anu will argue with him for it.

Mallika tells him that his presence important to Sundari. Karthick says to her that she scold him when he gave sleeping pills to Anu for Malini’s wedding. But she understood his situation today. Mallika says that she won’t forgive him for it. She isn’t care about him at all. She is allowing him to go because Sundari wants to manage the situation for him in home. She will give a punishment for his mistake one day. Later, Krisna says to Sundari that he wants to talk with her. Sundari tells him that she is able to understand the situation. Krishna says that she is educated one though she isn’t ready to listen others. Why she is listening to Valli. Sundari tells him that she wants to stay like that. She doesn’t want to loss her remaining eye sight too. Krishna advised her to do this surgery. Believe in the positive side.

Krishna asks her to stop loosing her hope. Doesn’t she showed her anger on Karthick when she learnt that he betrayed him. She even bring Murugan out in bail. Then why didn’t she believing in that 50% chance. Sundari clears with him that she won’t go against Valli in this matter. Later, Karthick return to home. Murugan wishes to talk with him alone. Sundari hears it and thinks something is fishy. She wishes to follow him but Appatha stops her to give coffee to her. Appatha isn’t allowing her to leave.
Murugan scolds Karthick for not staying with Sundari in the hospital. He adds that Sundari and Valli are not ready to do the surgery. Already Sundari is infertile. What if she lost her eyesight too? He pleads with him to don’t leave Sundari in any situation. He gives his properties documents to him and asks him to take it. But don’t leave Sundari. Karthick refuses to accept it. He asks him to give this properties to Sundari. Sundari comes there and return the properties to him. She tells him that she is believing in her dream. Murugan complaints that Sundari isn’t ready to do this surgery then how she will achieve her dream? He shares his grief with her.

Episode end.