Sundari 14th January 2023 Written Update: Sundari gives a nod

Sundari 14th January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Murugan sharing with Sundari that he is advising for her better future. She is already trying hard to achieve her dream. If she lost her eyes sight, then she wants to take someone else help to do her daily works. He pleads with her to believe him one last time. Doesn’t he trust her? Sundari tells him that she never doubt on him. Murugan says that she wants to trust him one more time. At least believe in that god or her dream. Sundari assures him to do this surgery. She is ready to face everything. Appatha brings coffee for her. Appatha noticed others there and inquire them what’s going on here? Lakshmi tells her that Sundari gave a nod to the operation. Appatha gets happy to hear it.

Appatha tells him let’s perform this surgery after Pongal celebration. Murugan says that doctor asked them to do this surgery asap. Appatha complaints that they shouldn’t forget about Malini. It’s her Thala Pongal. They failed to celebrate their Thala Diwali too. Sundari also supports her. She adds that she wanted to celebrate the Pongal with them happily. After that she will agree to perform the surgery. Later, Krishna complaints to Malini that he asked Murugan to give the properties on Sundari’s name. But he didn’t listen to him. Sundari says that they are not believing her. She isn’t depend on anyone here. She wants to stand in her own leg. That is why she agreed to do this surgery. Krishna says that Murugan decided to give the properties so he thinks it’s better to give to Sundari.

Malini says that she is happy for Sundari. She agreed to do the surgery. Sundari says that she failed in her married life. So she tried to focus on her dream. But god snatched her vision from her. She is decided to believe in her dream than god. Malini and Krishna motivates her. Later, Sundari calls Mallika. She tries to convince Sundari for the surgery. Sundari tells her that she decided to do it. She will convince Valli for it. Mallika feels happy to hear it. Sundari apologize to her behalf of Valli. Sundari adds that she will become a collector asap. She asks her to stand with her always. She will achieve her dream with their support.

Sundari thanks Karthick for refused to accept Murugan’s property. If he accepted that property he would have lead a happy life with her. She feels happy for behaved like that. Kartick feels better when she thought like that. She asks him why did he denied it. Karthick says that he is well aware that they won’t live together. He thought that properties may help her to lead a happy life. Sundari complaints that he is also thinking like others. Money won’t help her to achieve her dream. She will stand in her own leg. She will earn more money than him. Later, Anu gets happy to see Karthick was beside her. She tells him that she misunderstood his love. She leaves from there. Karthick feels relieve after she left.

Murugan takes Krishna and Lakshmi to the jewellery shop. They wishes to purchase ornaments for Pongal function. Murugan asks him to choose jewels for him but he denies it. He purchased for Malini.
Sundari asks permission to Valli to do the surgery. She gets shocked to hear it.

Episode end.