Sundari 26th October 2022 Written Update: Mallika curses Karthick

Sundari 26th October 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Arun jumping into Sundari’s house. Kumar noticed him and doubted what was going on there. Does Palani join his hands with Arun to divert the police? Later, Mallika asks Sundari when Anu will open her eyes? The doctor did not say anything to her. Sundari assured her that everything will be alright. She wants to think positively. Mallika asks her how she will think positively when negative people are around him? When Anu married him she lost her life. Everything started after he entered into her life. Sundari asks her to stop talking about it. Murugan will hear them. The Doctor comes there to check on Anu. Mallika inquired her about her health? The doctor informed her that she was sleeping in medicine effect. She needs proper rest now.

Meanwhile, the constable doubts Palani’s activities. He reveals to him that he is Murugan’s relative. He was checking whether the constable was alert or not. He shows Arun’s photo to him and inquires him who it is? He tells him he is Arun. He was protecting this house from him. Arun hides from seeing Palani. The Constable asks Palani to keep an eye on this house until he returns. Kumar thinks that the constable left, leaving the responsibility to Palani. Murugan reaches there. Palani informs him that the constable has gone to have dinner. He asks him to go inside to take rest. Murugan tells him that he is the saviour of his family. He wanted to see who dared to touch his family. He won’t leave that Arun today.

Lakshmi asks Malini why she is sitting alone? Malini informs her that Krishna is talking with someone on the terrace. She complaints that she shouldn’t send him alone? Malini tells her that his friends may be called him to wish for Diwali. Lakshmi tells her that it’s Thala Diwali for both of them. But the situation isn’t a favour for them. Arun is determined to take revenge on his family. He isn’t changing his character. Malini asks her to leave that matter. Lakshmi says to her that she wants to ask something. She asks her to plan for a baby after Sundari becomes a collector. Because she married before her. Malini says to her that they had already planned for it. Krishna says that Sundari is his sister. She even risked her life to save him. How will he plan for a baby when Sundari’s life isn’t well? Lakshmi appreciates them for understanding her well and leaves. Malini thanked Krishna for supporting her.

Mallika cries for Anu. Sundari consoles her and assures her that nothing will happen to her because they didn’t do any sin in their lives. She prayed to God. Karthik adds that Sundari is god’s child. If she prays to god, she will fulfill her wish. God will definitely save Anu and her baby. Mallika asked him,” Don’t have shame to talk like this. Because of him, Anu is in this state today. Doesn’t Sundari say neither Mallika nor Anu did any sin in their lives? But Karthick did sin in his life. His sin affected Anu and her baby. She asks her, Doesn’t he have shame to ask Sundari to pray for his second wife? The nurse asks them to stop shouting.

Mallika curses Karthick and leaves. The constable returns home. Murugan asks him to inform his family members if he needs anything. They will offer it to him. Palani notices Arun there and alerts him. Murugan and the constable chase behind him. Later, Palani noticed Kumar there and questioned him what happened? Kumar escapes from him. Later, Anu gives coffee to Mallika and consoles her. Krishna comes there and inform Sundari that Arun escaped from the police. Sundari asks him to inform Sidhu about it. He will help them to find him asap. Karthick shares with Sundari that test results didn’t come yet.

Episode end