Sundari 3rd June 2022 Written Update: Malini accepts Krishna’s love

Sundari 3rd June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Krishna, He stops Sundari and confess to Malini that he has feelings on her. Malini hesitates to answer him. Sundari asks her Is she ready to marry him? Sundari adds that Krishna is a very good person and he will take care of her well. Not only he has good job but also he will do anything for friendship. She demands her to answer him. Malini informs to her that she likes him a lot but she doesn’t know whether she love him or not? She is still thinking she doesn’t have maturity to take decision now.


Let’s wait for two months because she wanna finish her studies in these days. Krishna agrees to her condition. Sundari appreciates Malini for taking time to say yes. It’s showing her maturity. She assures to her that she will convince Murugan and perform their marriage. Krishna asks Sundari to take Malini from here reasoning village peoples will create rumours seeing them together. Sundari teases them for acting different. Malini and Sundari leaves from there bidding bye to Krishna.

Krishna dances there in happiness. Arun notices it all from behind. He thinks that neither Sundari nor that god can’t stop him from getting married to Malini. Later Mallika about to leave. Murugan shares to her that he expected her to stay here for few days at least. Mallika adds that Anu is alone there that’s why she can’t able to stay there. Valli says that Anu is like her daughter so she will bring gift for her on her baby shower day. Lakshmi thinks that they have no idea she was really related to her. Mallika bids bye to them and leaves. Murugan says that Anu doesn’t have any taste that’s why she married to him. Valli says that beauty is not matter but heart. Doesn’t Sundari got Karthick. Murugan adds that Sundari is like heroine. Karthick leaves from there.

Sidharth asks Krishna how could Sundari bear this much pain and not sharing it with anyone. Krishna appreciates Sundari’s tolerance. Sid asks him Will Sundari tear Karthick’s mask after Anu gave birth to baby. Krishna nods with him and alerts him that Sundari is coming. Krishna asks Sid to don’t share this with Sundari because she is not a person to share her grief with all. Sundari and Appatha comes there. She asks him why is he going soon? Sid says that he is going soon but they might return to Chennai in two days.

Appatha gives sweets to him as gift. She stops auto for him and send him in it. Later Palani comes to tea shop and hears some village people are praising Arun. Palani says to Korangu that he will manage this situation. Those village people teases Palani and Korangu there. He enquires him about Malini matter? Both ends up in arguments. Palani thinks to share this matter to Murugan first. Meanwhile Arun comes to visit Murugan in his house. Murugan welcomes him happily. Sundari notices him and thinks why is he here? She feels something fishy.

Episode end