Sundari 7th January 2023 Written Update: Sundari promises to Valli

Sundari 7th January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Murugan requesting the doctor to reveal Sundari’s problem. He tells him that Sundari’s eyes nerve got damaged. They wants to perform one operation to confirm whether she get her eye sight back or not. Murugan remembers his past and feels guilty.

Later, Sundari asks Valli why she is crying? Valli complaints to her that they are facing so many problems in our life after her father’s death. She is facing so many problems in her young age. Sundari says that god won’t leave them.

Valli says that it’s hard to grow up without a father. Sundari says that Murugan is there to give father’s love to her. Valli says that she thought Sundari will lead a happy life after her marriage. Though nothing changed in our life. Valli apologize to Kartick and tells him that she didn’t meant him.

Sundari was determined to pursue her IAS dream. But she was the one forced Sundari to marry him. She is ending up in problems for others. She got bad names in Malini’s wedding. Though she risked herself to save her from that wedding.

Arun beaten her that is why she got this eye problems. Even Arun tried to kill her in Kodaikanal. She doesn’t know when will this problems leave her. Sundari asks her to stop worrying about her. Murugan saved her from danger.

Valli says that Sundari is determined to become a IAS. Even Kartick supporting her dream. They forgot to start their life in it. Karthick feels guilty hearing it. Sundari asks Valli when did she failed to fulfill her promise? She never back off from her dream.

She promised Valli to become a IAS soon. Valli gets emotional hearing it. Later, Krishna and Malini are waiting for Murugan. Lakshmi asks Murugan why he is hesitating to talk. Murugan tells him that he doesn’t know how he will start this matter.

Krishna asks him does he feeling uncomfortable with him. Murugan denies it. He says to them that he took a decision. He doesn’t know whether they will accept it or not? Malini and Lakshmi supports him. They assured him that they won’t go against him.

Murugan says that he took a wrong decision by supporting Arun. If Sundari shouldn’t have interrupted in his decision then his daughter life would have end now. Lakshmi says that it wasn’t a wrong decision but he fell into his trap.

Murugan shares with them that he needs their support to do it. Lakshmi and others assures him to support his decision. He decided to transfer his properties on Karthick name. Already Sundari is infertile. If her eye sigh got affected then Karthick life will be a question mark.

Malini gets shocked to hear it. Malini questions Krishna why did he hide this matter from her. Krishna asks her to hide this matter from Sundari. Malini assures him that she won’t hurt her. Malini hugs Murugan and tells him that she is happy for his decision.

Krishna tells him that he won’t back off from his word. But why he is giving property on Karthick name? Murugan says that Karthick is her husband. He needs a happy life too. Everyone agrees to his decision. Murugan feels happy to hear it.

Later, Sundari returns to home. Appatha praised Sundari for bring Murugan out in bail. Sundari mistakenly mentions Janaki as Appatha due to poor eye sight. Appatha teases her. Meanwhile, Anu calls Karthick and scolds him for lying to her often.

She demanded him to reach home in 10 minutes. Kartick says to Valli that he wants to leave. Valli demands him to take her to the hospital. Sundari stops her.

Episode end