Sundari 9th January 2023 Written Update: Anu is furious

Sundari 9th January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Valli asking Karthick to take Sundari to hospital first. Sundari asks her to let him leave. Her eyes is good. But Sundari’s eyes getting blurred. Sundari says that he has many pending work. Let him finish his work first. Work is important to him. Kartick leaves from there. Valli complaints that she shouldn’t have send him out. Sundari says that he has pending work. How will she force him to stay with her when he was busy. Valli complaints that he is her husband. She has the rights to stop him. Doesn’t Murugan sent her with her to take care of her. If she needs medicine then Kartick wants to help them buy it. Sundari tells him that he has work so stop disturbing him. She isn’t understanding the situation. Valli complaints that they are treating her like dump. She isn’t feeling everything going well here. Meanwhile, Anu makes video call to Kartick. He returns to home and gets irritated seeing her call.

He asks Anu why she is making video call to him often? Anu complaints that whenever she calls him someone else picking the call. When she inquires him about it he is making excuses. She isn’t able to believe him anymore. She decided to make video call to him to stop confusing herself. Kathick asks her what will client thinks about her when she do like that. Anu says that no one will take it wrong. They are husband and wife. Kartick says that she is behaving weird. He complaints that she isn’t a same Anu he loved before. Anu says that he isn’t same Kathick too. She asks him does he love her or not? Kathick says that she is suspecting her unnecessary. He left his family for her. Anu complaints that he didn’t left Sundari’s family yet. Kartick says that she isn’t understanding the situation. Doesn’t Sundari and her family helped him when she was sick. Anu says that she doesn’t like him staying with them always. Kathick tells her that she is important to him. Baby and Anu is his world. Anu hugs him and says that he is hers. She doesn’t want to share him with anyone.

Anu asks Karthick to eat the lunch. Mallika comes there and inquire him about Sundari’s health? He tells her that doctor informed them there is no enough facilities in that village. So they asked her to shift to chennai hospital. Mallika calls Kartick to accompany her. Anu scolds Mallika for calling him. Anu complaints that he returned to home now. But she is calling him again. She demands them to stop taking her name here. Mallika says that Murugan didn’t return to chennai for court formalities. He asked her to take care of Sundari. Anu asks her where is Krishna and her mom. Mallika complaints that Krishna stayed with Murugan. Valli doesn’t know any place here. She says that she is calling Karthick to accompany her for her needs. She asks her to stop troubling her. Anu is adamant to accompany them. Later, Mallika reaches to Sundari’s house.

Anu demands Karthick to sit inside the car but Mallika disliked it. She scolds her and ask Kartick to accompany her. Mallika informs Sundari that Murugan asked her to take her to hospital. Sundari refuses to go with her. Mallika is adamant to take her to the hospital. Valli wishes to accompany her. But Mallika denies it. Valli asks Kartick to take care of Sundari. He nods with her. Sundari apologize to her for troubling her. Mallika says that she is like her mom. Appatha grows suspicious seeing the distance between Karthick and Sundari. Later, doctor checks Sundari. Doctor takes Kartick and Mallika alone to discuss about her report. Sundari shares her fear with Anu.

Episode end.