Swaran Ghar 13th September 2022 Written Update: Arjun, Ajit and Swaran reach Kasauli

Swaran Ghar 13th September 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

In today’s episode, Ajit recalls Swaran’s words and walks in rain. Swaran is unable to sleep and cries. Both are in pain. Swaran thinks why Ajit tried to repeat 20 years old history today. Ajit reaches home and sees the card that he could never give Swaran. Next day, Bebe tells Swaran that she knows Swaran cried whole night and she doesn’t have any tear left. Swaran says that her tears are over since Kanwaljeet’s death. Bebe enquires about Ajit. Swaran asks her to not take Ajit’s name.

Bebe says that Swaran has kicked Ajit out last night but she can’t remove him from her heart. She asks Swaran to call Ajit. Swaran denies and says that she can’t forget whatever Ajit has done. Arjun checks Swaran’s video and says that he never thought about falling in love all over again, he is gaining his old faith back. Rajeshwari calls Arjun. She says that she will handle the work so that Arjun can go to Kasauli to meet their uncle and aunt. Arjun plans to take Swaran with him. He thinks if his aunt approve Swaran he will easily convince Rajeshwari.

Arjun calls Ajit and asks him to accompany him for Kasauli as he has a buisness plan and he needs Ajit’s expertise. Ajit agrees. Arjun comes at Swaran’s place. He tells Swaran that he is going to Kasauli for buisness purpose. He asks Swaran to accompany him as Mallika is on a leave. Swaran asks him to wait and goes to get ready. Swaran goes to sit in car and spots Ajit inside. She asks Arjun if Ajit will accompany them. Arjun says that he needs Arjun’s expertise for a project. Swaran denies to join them as she could not inform Bebe.

Arjun asks Swaran to not worry as he will inform Bebe. Swaran sits inside the car half heartedly. Ajit tries to talk to her but she ignores him. Arjun serves food, Ajit takes it and offers Swaran. Swaran doesn’t take it. Arjun looks excited and thinks that God has brought love back in his life. Ajit indirectly says sorry to Swaran and asks her to forgive him. Swaran doesn’t pay attention to him. They reach Kasauli and meet Arjun’s uncle and aunt. Arjun introduces them with Swaran and Ajit. They ask Swaran, Ajit if they are husband, wife. Swaran says no. Arjun asks them to not overthink as Swaran and Ajit are just friends.

Swaran enquires him about work. Arjun says that they will work as he has buisness meeting with Ajit. Swaran looks confused. Arjun says that he has a resort at Kasauli, he asks Ajit to take charge of it as Arjun’s partner. Ajit asks Arjun to excuse him as he runs a small dhaba, can’t handle big buisness. Arjun asks Swaran to convince Ajit and says that it’s her task. He leaves.

Ajit goes to talk to Swaran. Swaran questions him for keeping quiet infront of Bebe. Ajit says that he kept silent as could not lie. Ajit says that destiny has brought them together after so many years for a reason. Swaran says that what was possible 30 years back is not possible anymore. She asks Ajit to not snatch their friendship from her. The episode ends.

Precap – Swaran asks Ajit to forget the past and live at present. Ajit says that he will be there for her always. Arjun calls them. Swaran, Ajit get shocked seeing him.

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