Swaran Ghar 23rd June 2022 Written Update: Bebe and Divya join hands

Swaran Ghar 23rd June 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Today’s episode starts with Aarav hiding and observing Ajit. Ajit notices him. He attracts Aarav by telling the story of Kangi Singh and Bottle Rani. Ajit asks Aarav why he was hiding. Aarav says that Ajit only plays with Dillu, even Swaran tells story to Dillu only. He says that Swaran doesn’t play with him like before, she has changed.

Ajit says that if not Swaran he can play with Aarav. Aarav becomes happy. He asks Ajit what he should call him. Ajit says that Aarav can call him badepapa like Dillu. Ajit says that he will teach Aarav singing and dancing.

Bebe Complains to Swaran that people are gossiping about Swaran Ghar in the neighborhood. Nakul asks her to ignore all these and be happy as Yug has some good news to share. Yug announces that he has got the lead role in a big movie. Everyone becomes happy. Yug proposes to do party to celebrate the news in Kanwaljeet’s style. Swaran plays piano and sings a song.

Everyone starts dancing. Ajit and Dillu dance in their room. Swaran receives a phone call and goes somewhere. Bebe notices Aarav with Ajit. She scolds Aarav and drags him out of Ajit’s room, Dillu doesn’t leave Ajit’s hand. Both Aarav and Ajit come to Swaran Ghar.

Swaran brings Divya with her. Divya brings her luggage and says that she will live at Swaran Ghar with his father. Ajit asks Divya if everything is fine at her in law’s house. Divya says that she is pregnant and wants to stay at her parental house. Bebe says that it’s not her parental house and asks her to go to Jai and Ankita’s house.

Divya says that Jai and Ankita went out of station. Bebe asks Divya to stay at that house with Ajit. Swaran requests Bebe to keep Divya at Swaran Ghar as this time is very important for her, she needs proper care which Ajit alone can’t provide. Bebe gets convinced at last.

She says that Divya can stay at guest room but Ajit will stay at the outhouse. She dares Ajit to not enter inside Swaran Ghar. Swaran thanks Bebe. Ajit hugs Bebe and thanks her. He apologizes to her for calling her Bebe but says that she has reminded him of his own Bebe today. Swaran tells Divya that she will take proper care of her. Divya looks at Bebe. Flashback shows that Bebe asked Divya to call Swaran, say that she is pregnant and stay at Swaran Ghar.

Ajit asks Swaran why Divya called Swaran and not him. Swaran says it’s pretty normal to share such news with another woman. Ajit tells Swaran that he feels bad everytime he is asked to choose between his promise and his children. Swaran asks Ajit not to stress about anything.

 Swaran gifts kite to Ajit and says that she will take proper care of Divya, she knows everything as she has raised three sons. Divya asks Bebe what’s next plan. Bebe says who can make fool of her own father can easily fool Swaran. Divya says that she is desparate to take Ajit away from Swaran Ghar. The episode ends.

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