Parineetii 31st October 2022 Written Update: Neeti fights with the goons to save Parineet

Parineetii 31st October 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Neeti sharing with Sanju that she won’t leave anyone who dares to harm Parineet. Once she saves Parineet, she will make sure Rajeev pays for his deeds. He gets upset hearing it. Neeti asks him why he is silent? Nothing to worry about.

She won’t do anything to him but Parineet’s husband. He asks her,” Does she take her tablets? Neeti complaints that he is worrying about her. But she is worried about Parineet. Only she is on her mind. Later, Parineet says to Shayad that she has a plan to escape from there. She says to her, let’s throw stones at thugs and run from here. She inquired Parineet,”

Does anyone notice the phone in her hand?” She assured her that no one had noticed it. She asks Shayad to share this plan with other girls. She shares this plan with others. They get down from the truck and excused them to use the washroom.

Thugs noticed them picking stones and inquired them about it? Girls start throwing stones at thugs and are about to run. Shalini reaches there and points a gun at them. She threatens them not to run from her or else she will shoot at them.

Mandeep gets frustrated to see Gurpreet worrying about Parineet. She thinks that she won’t do any household work, thinking about Parineet and troubling her. A neighbour visits her house and gives the prasad to them. She shares with Gurpreet that Shivani’s in-laws sent it to her. She praised her in-laws and gossiped about her sister-in-law.

Gurpreet thinks that everyone will badmouth Parineeti after she reaches there. Later, Mona scolds the girls for trying to escape from her. She beats the girls and threatens to shoot them. She holds Parineet’s hair and says that she is aware Parineet planned all this.

She was manipulating everyone against her. She tells her that she will make sure Parineet will celebrate her first night with the head. She asked everyone to get inside the truck. Parineet hopes that Neeti will reach there on time.

Meanwhile, Neeti notices Parineet and asks Sanju to follow her. She starts driving the car. Sanju asks her to drive carefully. She isn’t worrying about her baby. Neeti asks him to call the police immediately. He informs the police.

Later, Goon praised Mona’s braveness. Neeti blocks the truck. Mona thinks who is blocking their truck in this forest? She demands the goons to check the car. Parineet thinks that Neeti came to save her. Neeti and Sanju throw sand at their faces. They beat the goons.

Sanju releases the girls from there. He gets emotional seeing Parineet there. Both hugged each other. Neeti notices them together and gets shocked. Neeti alerts Sanju when a goon tries to harm him. Parineet blocks him from hitting Sanju. He blocks him when he tries to hit Parineet. Sanju beats him.

Parineet hugs Neeti and tells her that she would have ended up in the wrong people’s hands if she failed to arrive on time. Neeti assures her that she is safe. Nothing will happen to her when she is alive. Parineet asks her what’s the need to risk her life to save her? Neeti tells her that she is always bold enough to face such a situation.

Mona tries to hit Neeti with a gun but Parineet comes between them. She accidentally hits Parineet and she faints. Neeti points a gun at Mona and scolds her for troubling her friend. Meanwhile, the police reached the spot.

Sanju and Neeti are trying to wake Parineet. Parineet wakes up from her nightmare. Neeti gives water to her. Parineet asks her how she ended up here? Neeti assures her that the police have caught them. She will ask her family member’s permission to stay here. She asks her why she is hiding the truth from her. Parineet fears that Neeti learns the truth.

Episode end

Precap; Gurpreet will confront Rajeev for his deeds. Neeti will overhear their conversation. Gurpreet will reveal the truth to Neeti

The episode starts with Neeti dialing back to the number. Parineet gets emotional seeing Neeti’s number. She attend the call. Neeti inquires her why is she calling her from another number? Her number is not reachable. Parineet says to her that her life is in danger. When she left her house few goons kidnapped her. She pleads with her to reach near her. Neeti assures to reach near her. Neeti asks her to say where is she? Parineet tells her that she doesn’t know anything about it. She mentions one boutique name to her. Neeti says to her, that bouquet is famous many branches are there. She demands her to share location to her. Parineet tells her that Kamala will find out about it. Neeti asks her to delete it.

Parineet noticed that her phone is switched off. Parineet gets anxious. Neeti thinks that Parineet isn’t sharing location to her. She fears that they catch her. Later, one of prostituion head demands the girls to maintain their figure. One business man needs a fresh girl. She doesn’t know who is that lucky girl? She advise them how to behave. Parineet returns near them. she inquire her why did she take this much time? Parineet lies to her that water isn’t coming. That is why she takes little time. She adds that Parineet sold for more money that doesn’t mean she will get VIP treatment here. She searched for Kamala’s mobile. Parineet hides it under her clothes.

Rajeev tries to be romantic with Neeti. She tells him that she doesn’t have time to romance with him. Parineet’s life is in danger. He asks her what happened to Parineet? She says to him that someone kidnapped her. She said to her she noticed some boutique near by. Rajeev tells her that many boutique are here in same name. Neeti says that she doesn’t care about it. She wants to find out Parineet that’s enough. May be her husband Rajeev is foolish not to realise her value. But she is important to her. He asks her to stop taking his topic and explain him what actually happened? Did she heard any sound while talking with her? She says to him that she heard train sound. Rajeev says to her that he went to attend meeting near by jungle.

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