Tara From Satara 14th January 2020 Written Update: MORE MISUNDERSTANDINGS BETWEEN TARA AND ARJUN

The episode starts with Ajji not being able to believe that Shatru really saved Tara. Amukh says that he thinks that it was all Shatru’s plan only. Tara says that he said that she cannot have stolen money since she is Sachin’s daughter and she feels that he was genuine and wasn’t plotting against.

Arjun comes back home and gets worried seeing his mother coughing hard. Arjun says that he is going to take her to the hospital but his Aai says that there will be unnecessary expenses and she has to go to work the next day too but Arjun doesn’t listen to her and takes her to the hospital.

Tara says that she will thank Shatru tomorrow. Arjun is taking his Aai to the hospital and looks at Tara’s room door. He thinks if he should tell Tara that he might be late tomorrow but then leaves.

The next day Tara comes to the rehearsal room and wonders why Arjun hasn’t come yet. She starts rehearsing and falls. Rahul and others mock her. Later Tara gets Arjun’call who tells her that he will be late for rehearsals since he is not in the mood to come.

Sachin looks at some kids trying to copy Tara’s dance and recalls watching Tara in TV. Varun scolds the children and asks them to do Khatak only. They say they want to do Tara’s steps.

Ridhima asks Venky where Arjun is and Tara tells them that he will be late because he was not in the mood to come. Venky says he will report this to R.T. sir. Tara tries calling Arjun but he doesn’t pick up her call.

Later Arjun comes and everybody mocks him. R.T. comes and scolds him for being late. Arjun says that her mother is at the hospital so he couldn’t come earlier. R.T. says that he can’t accept excuses. Arjun defends himself saying that he had called Bedhane but Tara picked up his call and he had asked her to tell everybody that he will be late since his mother is at hospital. R.T. scolds him and asks him not to repeat this behavior again. He leaves. Arjun glares at Tara.

Sachin tells Sarita that today children in his class weren’t doing Kathak and instead were trying to copy Tara’s steps but nobody had Tara’s grace. Sarita and Varun get happy hearing Sachin complimenting Tara.

The other contestants mock Arjun. Tara tries talking to him but he says that he doesn’t want to listen to her. Tara says that she didn’t want to tell anybody anything but she had to. Arjun says that he had told her that his mother is at hospital so he will be late but she chose to lie instead. Tara says that he hadn’t told her about his mother. He asks her to stop giving excuses and sarcastically compliments her for understanding the game so well that she started plotting against him to get him out of the show. He leaves.

Rahul looks at Tara’s picture which he had clicked when she had fallen down. He asks the other contestant of the show if Arjun and Tara’s fight is confirmed. She says it is. Radhika asks Rahul what he is looking at and he makes an excuse. She asks him to come for rehearsals and Rahul tells her to wait near the car. Rahul posts Tara’s picture on social media.

After a while Tara sees her posts on social media and is shocked. Amukh wonders who could have posted these pictures.

Tara goes to question Arjun about the post. She asks him if he posted the photo and he gets angry so he replies he has. Salim asks Arjun why he lied after she left. Arjun says that he just doesn’t care anymore and didn’t want to argue with her after what she did with him by telling R.T. that he was late because he had no mood to rehearse.

Tara comes back home angrily and bashes Arjun. Tara gets Sarita’s call and wonders if she got to know about the picture. She picks up the call and Sarita asks Tara not to care about the picture. Sachin blames Shatru for this picture matter but Tara keeps blaming Arjun only. Sarita asks Tara if all judges are nice with her. Sarita asks her about Shatruand Tara replies that he is very kind with her too. Sachin says that Shatru is bad and asks Sarita to tell Tara to be careful when he is around. Tara hears him and tells Ajji that Sachin should not know that she is aware of his past and what happened between her father and Shatru.

Episode ends

Precap: Divya and Rahul mock Tara reading the comments under her picture which has gone viral on social media. Tara gives it back to them saying that she doesn’t care about them and will focus only on the show.