Tera Mera Saath Rahe 4th February 2022 Written Update: Saksham’s act to worry the Modi’s

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The episode starts with Mithila asks the worker to serve food. Gopika enters the dining room. Priya tells Saksham that he will feed him food. Saksham asks Priya why she thinks that he can’t eat on his own. Gopika comes there and shows a bottle in which it written its poison. Priya gets worried and thinks to win the challenge Gopika mixed poison in it. Saksham asks Priya to feed him saying that she may get upset. Priya refuses but Saksham forcefully have it then he starts coughing and falls unconscious. Priya screams no.

Saksham asks Priya what happened to her and asks she is the one who told that she wants to feed him now she is saying no what she wants. Priya gets relieved knowing that she imagined something happened to Saksham. She then tells that she wont feed him food to which Saksham tells her then he will have food on his own. Priya stops him and tells him neither she is going to food him nor he will let him have the food. The family members gets confused and looks at Priya.

Saksham asks Priya what happened to her. Priya asks the other family members to not to have food too. Minal asks why because she is the one who told she made it for them. Gopika asks Priya why she is stopping everyone when it is her first time to cook and complete one of the ritual in this house as daughter in law. She also asks Priya to take shagun from everyone too. Priya tells everyone that Gopika mixed poison in the food and everyone gets shocked. Mithila tells that she trusts Gopika that she will never do such things.

Minal asks Gopika just because she didn’t get money what she wants now she is planning to kill the family members. Gopika tells that she is not a fool to kill Saksham and go to jail instead of getting her money from him and leave this place to live her life happily. She also asks Minal to not to get sentimental saying she is not interested in it. She further adds if they don’t believe then she will feed Saksham and if anything happens to him then she will go to the prison. Everyone disagrees but Saksham agrees to do it.

Mithila scolds and tells that Saksham is not someone that they can put him in this to test whether the food has poison in it or not. Saksham remains adamant and asks Chirag to be on speed dial with but police and hospital though. Gopika takes a spoon full of food. Priya tries to stop but Gopika feeds Saksham. After few seconds he tells everyone nothing happened to him. He also asks Gopika to feed him one more time and Gopika does it. He then starts coughing worrying eveyone.

Gopika gives him water. He laughs seeing the family members worried face and tells that the spiciness is little too much for his liking that’s why he coughed. Gopika tells that sleeping outside the house that too on the stone made Priya from stop thinking that’s why she is accusing her for adding salt in the food. Mithila asks everyone to have food. Gopika shows the poison label to Priya and tells she won the challenge and smirks at Priya.

Priya cleans her dress using the water from the kitchen. Gopika goes to the kitchen and mocks her saying that she understands the feeling when infront of their eyes other women feed their husband also the fear of losing their husband to other women. Why she has to go through all this and asks her to give her the money and she will leave the house. Priya asks Gopika who asks seventy crores as alumni.

Gopika tells Priya that she is having the fifty one percent of the Modi’s property to which Priya tells that if she gives her the money then she will left with nothing. She also tells that Saksham’s business is also not going good nowadays once he starts gaining profit he will throw the money at her face. Gopika tells Priya that she will leave the house only after she gets the money she wanted. She also tells Priya to suffer like this until then.

Priya tells Gopika that she is happy with this small victory but do she really think that Saksham really enjoyed having food no he did it with hatred which is clearly visible on her face so end of the day he is the one who going to win this battle. Gopika leaves the place. Keshav tells Minal that women is missing. Minal gets shocked and tells worriedly what if Mithila is the one who keeping that women with her. Keshav tells if Mithila is the one keeping the women with her then there will be a huge drama taken place now because Mithila confronted them. He also tells that they need to find the women.

Mithila overhears the conversation and tells that she doesn’t know who the women is but she wants answer from Keshav and Minal so before Kesha or Minal finds the women she has to find the women and asks God to help her finding the women also the truth. Saksham laughs while sitting in the room and Gopika stands nearby the window. Saksham praises Gopika for her acting.

Gopika doesn’t look pleased. Saksham asks her about her behavior. Gopika tells Saksham that they both planned this but he scared her by coughing like that for a second she thought something went wrong and for that reason he is upset with him. Saksham laughs and tells that the way her face color drained showed everything.

Saksham asks Gopika in a day how many hours she thinks about him also loves him. Gopika blushes and tells Saksham in 24 hours she is infront of him for 20 hours. Saksham demands her to tell him how often she thinks about him. He then shows her a chocolate. Seeing that Gopika gets excited and tells Saksham that she never get her parents love in her childhood. Saksham takes Gopika’s hand and tells her that he wish he could go back and change everything but Gopika refuses saying that because of God’s blessing she has such a beautiful family now. Then they both feed each other chocolate.

Gopika notices Mithila is approaching her so Saksham hides himself. Mithila comes to Gopika and tells her no matter what she knows her Gopika will never change. Gopika tells that she is interested in her money only nothing else. Mithila says that if that’s true then she wouldn’t given them food made by her in the morning also feed Saksham with her hand. Gopika tells that she is not interested and she clarified everything why she did all this and asks Mithila what she wants and tells that to make Priya jealous she did all this. Mithila asks Gopika to help her saying that she will also help her make Priya jealous when she gets to know that she asked help from Gopika not from Priya. Gopika agrees but asks to give her money. Mithila agrees to it.

Ashi in her room plays the video of Saksham-Gopika feeding chocolate to each other lovingly and recalls how she saw them from the staircase and recorded the video. She tells herself that she dont know what she saw is true or not also don’t know who she has to tell this. Mithila tells Gopika that she dont have picture of the women who she wants Gopika to sketch. Gopika questions to which Mithila tells that if she is going to ask as her Gopika bahu then she is ready to tell her. Gopika ignires and asks Mithila to describe.

Mithila describes and Gopika starts sketching. Mithila coughs. Gopika decides to give her the water but stops herself from doing it. Mithila thinks that her heart is not accepting that Gopika has changed this much. Gopika thinks to herself that she knows what Mithila must be thinking but she has to do all this to win this battle.

Precap: Gopika tells Priya that only this family members knows that she is Saksham’s wife. If all three of them goes outside then people will recognize her as Saksham’s wife not her. Priya gets angry and challenges Gopika that her Muh Dikhayi ritual will take place.

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