This moment of Rudra and Maya from Beyhadh 2 left us in awe!

Sony TV’s most popular series Beyhadh 2 has always managed to keep the audience hooked to the screens with its interesting storyline.

Earlier it was seen that Maya has finally gained her memory back after she recalled Rishi’s death seeing Nandini cutting her wrist. She tried poisoning Vikram but he found out that she remembers everything now. He convinced Maya to choose him over Rudra while Maya persuaded him to help her to complete her revenge against MJ and he agreed thinking to begin a new life with her once everything will be over.

However, he is unaware of the fact that Maya is planning to use him for her revenge and then kill him to avenge Rajiv and Nandini’s deaths. On the other hand Rudra is hates Maya and wants to find her and kill her while she is still in love with him.

Before all this drama, Maya and Rudra were happily in love together and Rudra had even left his house to shift with Maya in her building after Antara had insulted Maya’s mother Nandini hence Maya wanted to leave.

Here we bring back to you one of the most adorable moment of Maya and Rudra:

Maya goes to open the door for Rudra and has prepared the gharpravesh ritual for him. He is confused seeing all the arrangements. She says that he is coming in her house for the first time after their marriage so all this is a must. She welcomes Rudra inside with aarti. Rudra lifts Maya in his arms after completing the rituals. Maya laughs. Rajiv comes and clears his throat reminding them that there are rooms in the house. Rudra and Maya go towards the room. Rajiv is all smiles for them and makes the gesture to remove all evil eyes from Rudra and Maya.

Indeed, Rajiv’s reaction was the same we had watching this cute scene of Maya and Rudra!

Are you looking forward for Maya and Rudra to reunite? And what is your favorite #MayRa scene?

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