Thoda Sa Badal Thoda Sa Paani: Will Anurag’s operation be successful?

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Colors TV show Thoda Sa Badal Thoda Sa Paani is about the story of a simple girl’s struggle in her life to find happiness for herself and her family. Priyanka continues her blackmail of Anurag to marry her. Kajol accepts Priyanka’s challenge to attend her wedding and prove to her that she is willing to detach from Anurag. Apu and Bolti get married with Anurag and Kajol’s help. What will Naina and Anandita do to take revenge from Kajol? Will Anurag and Priyanka get married? Will Kajol find out the truth behind Anurag’s marriage?

Doctor told that the next few hours are critical for Anurag and they should pray to God. Kajol thought she won’t let anything happen to Anurag. Kajol prayed to Maa Durga to save Anurag. Panditji gave Kajol a flower to keep near Anurag. Anurag’s operation continues but the doctors are unable to stabilise him. Priyanka stopped Kajol from entering the operation theatre and pushed her. Doctors try saving Anurag but fails. Kajol disguised as a doctor and entered the operation theatre. Kajol told Anurag he has to wake up for their love,Kajol told Anurag told him that they have God’s blessing and requested Anurag to come back for their love.

Kajol placed the flowers given to her by Panditji and Anurag started breathing again. Doctor told everyone that Anurag was saved by someone’s love and it was a miracle. Priyanka freaked out on looking at reports and shouted at the doctor for not telling her. Doctor Sarkar told they saved Anurag but couldn’t save his legs and he may never be able to walk again. Anurag starts shouting and tried to get up from his bed but falls down. Doctor Sarkar told Anurag that his nerves were severely damaged. Kajol hugged Anurag and told him to trust her and everything will be fine.

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