Tujhse Hai Raabta 14th January 2021 Written Update: Kalyani exposes Avni reality to Sarthak with Shera help

Tujhse Hai Raabta 14th January 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Shera asks why she changed the rules of competition. Kalyani says she don’t want anyone part of her memories with Malhar Ji. Shera says he gonna prepare Laddo better than her Malhar ji. Ladies and gents prepares Laddos.

Avni thinks how to take recording from new Malhar Infront of Sarthak than she says Sarthak it’s not needed ti participate in this competition to prove our relationship. Sarthak thanks her for understanding him and leaves from that place. Shera collects cd from some men. Avni thinks to destroy it before Kalyani sees it and she goes to Shera and says he can’t save Kalyani. Shera says her words are bad like her and he thinks what’s Avni planning against Kalyani and notices Avni moves.

Aaosaheb gives bowl to Avni and she takes it near Kalyani and about to pour in her but Shera comes in-between them. Avni says why you gave this bowl for Laddos Aaosaheb. Shera feels itching because of ants and Kalyani removes his shirt seeing his rashes. Cd fell down from his dress. Shera says it’s Avni trap. Kalyani takes him with her. Avni takes the cd. Kalyani makes Shera dip in cold water and cleans his body saying Ants won’t bite him in cold water. Shera sees her with smile. Kalyani gets angry and about to leave but Shera stops her.

Avni says you will be more pain seeing the thing with me. Shera asks her to show. Avni shows recording is with me than how can you prove to Kalyani? I trapped you in my plan and got this recording. Shera asks her to give the recording. Avni denies suddenly Shera smiles loudly and says it’s his plan to trap her and I didn’t even met Doctor, how you like my shock? Because I recorded the video when you’re threatening Moksh in your room and how will Sarthak react after seeing the video. Avni gets tensed.

Sarthak sees how Avni is threatening Moksh to not tell anyone about Hospital incident and how she trapped Sarthak in projector. Kalyani says this is real face of Avni, she started hating me when I got Malhar ji and you failed to notice her real nature because of the hate you have on me and this Avni is using Aaosaheb in her plans saying she gonna make you release Vivek uncle from jail. Sarthak lost his balance. Kalyani supports him and tells that her Aayi respects him and even ready to die for him but you failed to trust my Aayi but trusted this evil person who wants to ruin our family, now it’s your decision because you found the truth. Sarthak shouts Avni.

Avni about to escape but Shera stops her saying Kalyani may already reveal your real face to Kaka. Shera signs with whistle. Godavari and Moksh surrounds Avni and takes her to room locking her hands. Moksh puts so much makeup on Avni face and make her look like witch. Godavari says Dada you became fun person and Kalyani is changed to serious person. Shera says he will change Kalyani to joyous person again. Shera and Moksh, Godavari brings Avni near competition and makes her sit in chair locking her mouth.

Aaosaheb thinks something is wrong. Neighbor lady asks Shera about Kalyani that time Kalyani reaches to home. Shera asks if he did good by exposing Avni. Kalyani say he will get his payment. Kalyani says don’t worry Avni because Kaka will reach here soon. Shera asks Moksh to support him Infront of her Aayi. Moksh agrees. Shera says Kalyani hi, Moksh want us to fly kites together. Moksh agrees. Kalyani says it’s still ladies Vs gents. Moksh signs Godavari to manage. Godavari asks them to fly kite together for Moksh. Moksh pleads Kalyani than she thinks to do it for Moksh happiness.

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