Hamariwali Good News 15th January 2021 Written Update: Renuka fails to expose Sumita in front of Mukund

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Episode begins with Navya saying to Indu I am not Renuka, that you will do anything but I will say nothing to you. Aditya gets angry with the boss where he insulted his mother and says I do not even want to do a job at a place where my mother will get humiliated and insulted like this. He asks Aditya why are you getting angry and what wrong did I say? On one side you have a criminal record in jail and on the other hand you have such a worst family background. Who will give a job to you with such things regarding you?

He provokes Aditya and he gets mad at him and starts to shout at him holding his collar and the boss calls his security to throw Aditya out of the office while Aditya goes mad with anger and he says to him you are the one who provoked him, I didn’t come here to fight with you but your behaviour and words forced me to do this and Alok is watching everything from a distance and calls Navya and she immediately rushes from the house to rescue Aditya and Indu takes advantage of this thing and mixes expired spices in the food in a huge quantity she says in her mind now when you will eat it then I will see what will happen to you and your favourite mother-in-law. She says since you have taken the challenge with Indu now I will show you what can be the consequences of it.

On the other hand, Renuka is following Sumitra and is trying to see where she goes and she also notices that Mukund is there as well when he is not able to find Sumitra at home. He fears if she is in any kind of danger or not and rushes from there with his scooty. Navya reaches the spot and makes Aditya release from the clutches of the people and asks the boss not to call the police.

Aditya tells her what happened and she asks him to keep quiet. She says to him neither my husband is any criminal nor there are any proven charges against him. It is only a fake complaint that got registered under his name and he immediately got bail too. She somehow brings Aditya to a corner and says to him please dont get angry and asks him to clam down. He says I am getting insulted and facing rejection everywhere and it is my mother who got humiliated so you will not understand. Navya says I can easily understand it and asks him calm down.

Alok comes there and taunts them for being helpless and offers job to Aditya in his company and says since you are the brother of my wife hence I can do this much for you. Later Mukund is failed to catch Sumitra as she turns the entire game and post his return to house she puts the blame on Renuka that it must be any of her game and leaves from there.

Renuka applauds her for being such a cunning player and she says to Renuka you will never be able to expose me in front of Mukund and Renuka says to her I am eagerly waiting for that one mistake of yours in over confidence so that I can catch upto that.

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