Tujhse Hai Raabta 16th January 2021 Written Update: Moksh hides from Goons who makes whole family unconscious

Tujhse Hai Raabta 16th January 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Avni breaks glass of water without giving to Sarthak and says I’m in this way and you can’t even sent me out from house even after knowing my truth, god supports me by making you get paralysed, she makes him fell down and says she will never get him treated. Anupriya stops Avni saying how dare she and then she make Sarthak sit in chair and tells to Avni that she will see who hurts him Infront of her and it’s my responsibility to cure him. Avni says I’m his wife and can do anything seems like you forgot your memory in jail. Anupriya says I’m just saying to cure him and none can stop me. Avni goes out saying she will see. Anupriya gives water to Sarthak and he signs something. Anupriya says you don’t need to give any justification because I know you may married her in some situation and she goes to get food for him. Anupriya cries thinking her fate won’t supports her, she is bad wife and mother who can’t help her daughter and forgive me Kalyani it’s my helplessness that i can’t reveal anything to you. Shera listens Anupriya words and thinks he will make everything set by making Kalyani happy.

Unknown man on wheel chair takes his phone. Kalyani gets call and she noted down the address of people stealing the Vitthal God idols. Shera asks what happened. Kalyani says she got to know Info of people who steal idols but forgot to asks address and than she thinks to call them to know the address but Shera asks her to leave it. Shera thanks Tony for calling Kalyani. Unknown man notices Kalyani going out.

On the way Shera says he got to know about her step Mom. Kalyani stops him saying her Aayi is more than Mom to her. Shera says not your Mom and not your son still you loves them like your own. Kalyani says he can never understand their Raabta. Kalyani listens old song, Shera changes to new song but Kalyani switches to old song and says she likes to listen old song on Malhar birthday which makes her feel he is with her. Shera feels sleepy because of song so he stops the car and drinks water.

Person on wheel chair asks his men to spray the bottle on whole place to make everyone Unconscious so they can finish their work easily without Kalyani. Men goes to Kalyani home. Kalyani asks how market arranged at this place, previously it used to be empty. Shera says seems like you forgot its placed before few weeks. Kalyani sees chunris. Tony tells to Shera that he managed whole market for him.

Goons makes everyone Unconscious. Man on wheel chair tells them that Moksh is missing and asks them to search him. Anupriya notice them and asks who are they. They makes her Unconscious and searches for Moksh.

Kalyani asks Shera to take one Kurta, he asks her to choose. She asks him to wear one Kurta and he wears it in reverse and Kalyani smiles seeing him. Shera feels happy and asks her to come wearing chunri so no-one can recognize them. Kalyani goes. Shera dreams that he is romancing with Kalyani on Tujse Rab song. Kalyani comes to him and asks let’s go.Shera says he is hungry and asks her to come to gave food. Goons coudnt found Moksh than they searches for things they need and Moksh comes out from his hiding spot and goes to kalyanii room. Goons couldn’t get what they are searching, person on wheel chair ask them to search in Kalyani room. Moksh hides in cupboard.

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