Tujhse Hai Raabta 26th November 2020 Written Update: Sarthak scolds Kalyani for teaching wrong things to Mukku

Tujhse Hai Raabta 26th November 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Moksh come to station as tea seller. Constable says it’s crime if children works and threatens to jail him. Moksh says my Dad is not well that’s why I came here for one day. Constable asks him to never repeat it. Moksh gives tea to everyone. Constable asks him to give tea to the Madam inside. Moksh goes inside.

Lady constable says this boy is similar to crane one. Pawar asks them to show pics and notices them. Kalyani sees Pillu and asks what’s is he doing in station. Moksh sats how he witnessed when police arresting you that’s why I came here changing my attire like in films and don’t worry I will release you and asks her to eat Chana.

Kalyani says Aayi might be worried you. Pawar comes inside with crane pics and notices him keenly. Kalyani notice it and removes cap and tells to Pawar that it’s Mukku who came to meet me because she is missing me. Pawar says ok and goes to talk with Malhar on call.

Malhar informs to Sarthak that Mukku is at station. Sarthak says you favourite daughter at station than why you take care of your daughter and I will let Kalyani rot in jail once Avni gave her statement and he leaves. Anupriya tells to Malhar that Kalyani will never provoke anyone fir suicide and you know her.

Malhar sats I know you too but you did wrong with my sister so I can never trust anyone. Anupriya says she never know about Swara condition. Malhar says you mean my sister is lier? I will make your Daughter experience the same situation like Swara.

Sarthak drags Mukku with him. Mukku tries to deny. Kalyani asks Sarthak to don’t scare Mukku. Sarthak scolds Kalyani for teaching wrong things to Mukku. Mukku says I saw this in movies bade Baba. Kalyani tries to explain to Mukku. Sarthak says I’m only Dad so calm me Dad.

Mukku denies and says that she wants to stay in jail like his Aifi and asks contestables to arrest her. Sarthak takes Mukku with him forcefully. Sarthak says at 5 court will get closed and I know your Aayi can’t get bail for you.

Sarthak brings Mukku to home and asks Anupriya to handle Mukku and he goes to handle Vivek case. Mukku cries saying she have to save Aifi and asks Anupriya to save Kalyani. Anupriya says she will save Kalyani and thinks that only one hour left to get bail but how it happens when I don’t have any proof. Mukku cries seeing Avni blood in her dress. Anupriya says she will clean it.

Malhar says I couldn’t punish you for Swara death but fate punishing you. Kalyani says me and my Aayi don’t know what happens to Swara otherwise we never let it happen. Malhar sats it’s already 5 and you don’t get any bail. Anupriya says true I didn’t get bail but I get the proof to Prove Kalyani is innocent and gives him papers.

Malhar asks what’s fake case. Anupriya reveals how she get to know Avni suicide attempt is fake through Mukku and tells to Malhar that Avni used Ketchup and didn’t cut her hand and she handovers the shirt and Malhar sees it. Pawar brings Doctor and Doctor apologies to him but Malhar asks Pawar to lock their hospital. Anupriya says Kalyani is innocent so we can take her to home. Mukku runs saying she gonna live with her Aifi. Malhar says you saved from this case but you have to bear the punishment for Swara death.

Anupriya says glad I released you from jail because of Mukku but I’m scared seeing Malhar because he goes back to previous mode and wants to torture you. Kalyani says don’t know why Swara blamed you, I checked the hand writing but it’s Swara writing.

Sarthak brings Avni to home. Anupriya asks why she came to home even after doing so much drama, you’re jealous of Kalyani. Avni says yes I’m jealoused because she came between me Nd Malhar.

Malhar removes the houses board and fixes Swara Nivas board. Aaosaheb shouts at him and everyone comes to outside. Malhar says it’s house bought by Swara money so nowonwards it’s Swara Nivas and if you have any problem than you can join in old age home.

Anupriya says Malhar. Than Malhar says Anupriya ji because you’re not Mayi anymore after knowing what you done to my sister. Anupriya asks him to give one chance to her and sats that she always considered Swara as her daughter. Malhar says he won’t believe her.

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