Hamariwali Good News 26th November 2020 Written Update: Navya and Renuka tricked Indu

Hamariwali Good News 26th November 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Renuka working in the kitchen and preparing milk for Navya. Suddenly, Sumitra comes there out of nowhere and says that you are making milk for a pregnant woman so don’t add only chocolate as she needs strength. She asks her to put ghee in the milk and then says that I don’t have any trust in you so I will make milk for Navya today.

On the other side, Indu is conversing with Navya and trying to know her state of mind. Navya asks Indu to come clear with her in spite of making a suspense with her words. Indu says that I have seen Renuka in a hospital of Agra where she went to do her sonography and I am not understanding why she is hiding such a matter from everybody.

 Navya says to her that Renuka can never go to any clinic without her and she is completely unaware about this thing so maybe she has some misconception. Indu left her phone on recording mode in the room and left from there after saying to Navya that you should try to know from your mother in law what is the thing that is bothering her?

Indu comes down and signals Sumitra about the job done. Sumitra asks Renuka to give the milk to Navya. Renuka goes to Navya room with milk. Alok is looking for beer glasses in her room and is missing Preeti as only she can know where it is kept. Sandhya comes out of his bathroom in a bath rub and as soon as she notices Alok, she thinks to take advantage of the situation. She comes in suggested in front of Alok but behaves like she is feeling awkward.

 Luckily at the same time Adi reached their house to have some word with Alok and he felt so strange to see the scenario.  Sandhya leaves from there making an excuse of having her shower non-functional and Alok says I will fix it by evening today. Adi informs Alok that I have also arranged something for the bachelor party of Sanjay and gives him the bhang powder. Alok gets impressed and it says if you have some work for me then please don’t hesitate to inform.

 Adi comes out of the room and thinks  what I just saw right now is not something normal. He thinks should I inform my sister about it or am I thinking too much? Finally he comes to a conclusion that before anything else he should have a word with Navya. Alok comes to his in-laws house with a choreographer and says that he will manage all the dance performances for the sangeet ceremony. He requested everybody else to join and make the function a grand one. Sumitra asks Mukund to join as well while he is not even interested in this.

 Adi informs Navya and Renuka to calm down as Alok is calling them. Indu gets a chance and she takes out her mobile from the room of Navya and places it on the speaker in a wish to expose both Renuka and Navya in front of the entire family. To their shock the conversation of Renuka and Navya turned into something else.

The flashback shows that Navya already noticed the phone in her bed and she does a fake conversation with Renuka to mislead them in their doubt game. Renuka is trying to find a moment to have a word with her husband but unfortunately she is not getting it. Later she decided to go out of the house with Mukund using the excuse of buying something for dresses.

However she meets Dr Raghav in the market, the same person for whom Mukund misbehaves with her for the past 15 years. Dr Raghav greets Renuka and asks about her whereabouts, Renuka feels awkard to have a conversation with him.

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