Tv Actresses: Full budget should focus on education, sunshine for womens and more.

In the past 71 years of independence, women empowerment has always been an easy calling card for Indian government to make budgets more acceptable to the people. The interim Union Budget 2019, was no different. In the upcoming full budget, expected to come in July post-election, the television stars have certain demands on the table for the budget which will be tabled in the Monsoon session.
Helly Shah: The government should focus on scheme to increase female participation in the workforce, sports and other areas.
Shubhangi Atre: The government should focus on creating institutions at the district level that not just facilitate the Mudra loans to budding women entrepreneurs but also handhold them to create viable business plans and also support them through this process.
Sara Khan: The government should take steps on making maternity benefit scheme financially attractive for businesses to hire women, as well. The benefit can come in the form of cost-share or some tax Rebates that can bring in additional incentive for organizations hiring women.
Mahika Sharma: Childcare as one of the biggest challenges for to restarting careers. The government has to mandate ‘parental leave’ as opposed to just maternity leave to balance the scales which will definitely enable women to engage and remain in paid employment and progress in their careers.
Devoleena Bhattacharjee: The full budget should shift the focus on some policy initiatives which improve workforce diversity and enables financial inclusion. This will support women in rural areas to start micro businesses.
Amrapali Gupta: Ujjwala’ LPG Scheme, Not Enough To Empower Rural Women as this (LPG) is just one among the several issues faced by the rural women, thereby creating several roadblocks in government’s women empowerment drive. In most of the villages, women are still not allowed to go out of their homes, I feel there should be scheme which lifts a early sunshine for our sisters in rural India too