Udaariyaan 9th January 2023 Written Update: Ekam learns the truth

Udaariyaan 9th January 2023 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Advait clapping his hands when Ekam and Nehmat enter Kapoor’s house. Advait taunt Ekam and Nehmat about always finding away to stay together despite people trying to separate them. Nehmat says that it was Advait’s fault to leave her there where there is no auto or cab facility. Ekam says that he couldn’t leave Nehmat helpless there. Advait says that he knows this as Ekam is her Ex-lover. Nehmat asks Advait not to start again. Advait asks Nehmat to go inside Nehmat obliges. Advait reminds Ekam again that he is his bodyguard and not Nehmat’s. He asks him to leave. Ekam leaves after giving him his file. Advait thinks of putting an end to this.

Advait goes to Shamsher. The latter praises Nehmat for handling the things in front of media and for pretending to have a perfect her married life with Advait. The latter asks Shamsher to keep Nehmat away from him. Shamsher says that Advait is jealous of Nehmat and asks Advait to learn from her.

Advait says that he feels suffocated to stay with Nehmat and says that her presence spoils his mood and asks Shamsher to keep her away from him. Shamsher asks Advait if he hates her so much, why he were too close with Nehmat in that photos and warns Advait about the consequences if media saw those photos. Advait says that those photos were someone’s prank. He says that they aren’t even good friends. He was just helping Nehmat to delay the article publishing and he went to Shimla for that and due to the circumstances he had to share room with her. He says that he was never interested in Nehmat and he prefers ti marry Mallika who loves him than Nehmat. Ekam overhears Advait and Shamsher conversation and is shocked to learn the truth. Shamsher says that he can understand he dislikes Nehmat, but she helps to preserve his image.

Advait refuses to spoil his personal life for his public image. He refuses to stay with Nehmat even for a second. He threatens to break his relationship with Nehmat if Shamsher doesn’t do to keep Nehmat away from him. Advait is stunned to hear this. He walks away from there. He recalls how he broke his relationship with Nehmat and mistreated her without listening to her. He regrets mistreating Nehmat and pushing her into a relationship in which she gets only hatred. Just then, Advait sees Nehmat coming there. He recalls how Nehmat tried to explain him that there was nothing between her and Advait.

Ekam tries to talk to Nehmat. But Nehmat refuses to talk to him. Nehmat is about to sit in the car. Ekam holds the car door and requests Nehmat to listen to him. He says that he cares for her. Nehmat asks him to stop caring for her. She asks him to forget her as he is her past and her present situation doesn’t permit her to talk to him and moreover nothing left between them to talk. There, Shamsher refuses to let Advait break his relationship with Nehmat. He says that he doesn’t have any problem if Nehmat leaves him as it won’t affect his image in media, but he knows that Nehmat won’t leave him as she’s an honest girl. Shamsher says to Advait that he may not get happiness in his married life, but he will definitely become MLA.

Nehmat asks Ekam to let her go as if anyone sees them together, it will create problem. Just then, they hear Neeru. Ekam drags Nehmat with him and they hide behind the car. Neeru comes there and searches for Nehmat. Ekam requests Nehmat to listen to him once as he wants to talk to her about something important. Nehmat looks on. He leaves her hand. Nehmat walks from there. Neeru asks Nehmat where she was. Nehmat lies that she went to get her purse. Nehmat looks towards Ekam before driving off with Neeru. Ekam says that he will do anything to rectify his mistake and refuses to see her in pain. There, Advait plans to prove Nehmat’s past is her present and says that he will do anything to throw Nehmat out of his life.

The next morning, Neeru goes to the kitchen and asks Naaz to prepare paratha for her as she’s scared of eating food made by Nehmat. She adds that even doesn’t like food made by Nehmat. Naaz agrees to make paratha for her. Nehmat receives a message from unknown number in which Nehmat is asked to come to a place to know a truth. Nehmat wonders if this is the person who message her the other day. She recalls finding lipstick mark on Advait’s coat and decides to go on the given location.

Nehmat arrives there and wondera who messaged her and what the person wants to tell her. Ekam arrives there. Nehmat us surprised to see Ekam there and asks if he texted her. Ekam admits yes. Nehmat is about to leave. But Ekam stops her. Nehmat refuses as she doesn’t want anyone sees them together and misunderstand them. Ekam assures her that no one will come here and asks her to listen to him. But Nehmat begins to walk. Ekam shouts that he is sorry. Nehmat stops. Ekam goes to Nehmat and apologizes to Nehmat. He says that he hates himself and feels ashamed of spoiling Nehmat’s life because of his suspicion. He says that Nehmat got a big punishment because of him and he also got punished. He folds his hand apologizes to Nehmat for doubting her and refusing to listening to her.

He says that he failed to see the truth behind those photos. He says that he knew that Nehmat unwillingly married Advait coming under Naaz and family’s pressure. Ekam says that he never thought that his one decision will distance them. Nehmat asks Advait how he believes her all of a sudden now. Ekam says that he overheard Advait and Shamsher’s conversation and learned there is only compulsion in this marriage and not love. Ekam regrets distancing Nehmat from him and his life without listening to Nehmat. Nehmat says that they were separated forever because of Ekam misunderstanding. She says that she tried hard to tell him the truth, but he didn’t listen to him.

Ekam says that they aren’t separated, but they are the two sides of river bed can never meet despite being together. Ekam admits his mistake and says that he isn’t fine. Nehmat says that she’s not either. She says that his apology can’t change what happened. She says that she’s married now and tries to keep this relationship. She says that she is trying to move on forgetting him and asks Ekam to do the same. Nehmat walks away while Ekam watches her teary eyes. Advait comes out of his hidden. He plans to to bring Ekam and Nehmat’s past into their present to make his future better.

The episode ends.

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