Udaariyaan 15th November 2022 Written Update: Jayveer learns Shamsher’s truth

Udaariyaan 15th November 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Naaz angrily looking at Nehmat and Mallika dancing and recalling Mallika slapping her and Naaz seeing Nehmat smiling and seeing this. Jayveer goes outside to make a call. Jayveer thanks God for Mallika getting married to the Kapoors, who are a nice family. Just then, Jayveer notices the goon who threatened him and hears him talking about going to abscond because of a reason connected to Fateh and Tejo’s accident case and saying that Kapoor’s name shouldn’t come out. Jayveer grabs the goon’s collar and says that he is working for Kapoor and he is responsible for Fateh and Tejo’s accident. Meanwhile, inside the house, everyone is dancing and enjoying the Sangeet. Shamsher gets tired and says that they will take a break. Ekam asks Renuka where Jayveer is. Renuka says that he went outside to make a call. Ekam wants to go to him. But Renuka stops him. 

The goon threatens Jayveer and asks him to focus on his daughter’s marriage instead. He pushes him down and leaves. Inside, Ekam gives a dance performance. Then Nehmat dances. Ekam-Nehmat dance along with Mallika-Advait and Naaz-Nikhil. Ekam bends Nehmat slightly, holding her in his arms. He says that it will be their wedding next. He says that he wants to live with her forever. Nehmat says me too. Everyone claps and brings them to reality. Mallika teases them. Rama says to Bua that Ekam and Nehmat are going to get married. Naaz thinks that it’s not possible. 

Naaz dances. Mallika glares at her. She joins her and dances with her. Naaz pushes her away and continues to dance. Jayveer goes inside the house and sees everyone happily dancing. Jayveer phones Shamsher and calls him out. Shamsher comes outside to meet Jayveer. The latter confronts Shamsher. He says that the other day it wasn’t his illusion. He really saw the goon who threatened him. He says that he saw him again today and overheard his talk. He says that he learned that Shamsher ruined his life and caused Fateh and Tejo’s accident. He asks Shamsher why he killed Fateh and Tejo and what his enmity towards them. Shamsher says that Kushbeer singh Virk and Fateh are his political enemies and they were obstacles in his political career, so he was forced to eliminate them. Shamsher says that someone else who is living far away from here also has an enmity with Tejo and Fateh. Jasmine is shown watching Naaz and Nikhil dance through the video call and smiling. Here,  Shamsher says that whatever he did, he did it upon her order, but admits being responsible for Jayveer’s suspension so that he doesn’t discover the truth. Shamsher says that Jayveer can’t do anything now as he doesn’t have any proof. Jayveer grabs Shamsher’s collar and says he will find the proof against him and the one who gave him orders as he got the murderer. 

There, Jasmine says she’s dying to meet Naaz and promises to attend the Sangeet and Mehndi hiding from Naaz. Here, Shamsher says that he did everything because of completion. He assures Jayveer not to harm Nehmat and Ekam. He says that, for that, Mallika and Naaz should become his daughters-in-law. He asks Jayveer to forget the past. Jayveer refuses to let the wedding happen. He says that he will call off the wedding and expose Shamsher by arranging a pressmeet. Shamsher warns Jayveer to leave the matter. Jayveer refuses to be silent anymore and bears the burden of Shamsher’s sins. He walks away. Shamsher warns Jayveer that she will ruin all of their lives if he does something like that. He phones the goon and asks him to make sure that Jayveer doesn’t reach home. He asks him to wait for his call before doing anything to him. 

Naaz recalls Nehmat ignoring Mallika slapping her. She angrily removes her bangles and throws them away. She says that she’s only name sake’s sister for Nehmat, but Mallika is more important to her than her (Naaz). Ekam drops Nehmat at her house. Ekam drags Nehmat close to him and romances with her. Nehmat reminds Ekam that the next day is his and his sister’s mehndi and Sangeet. She asks him to do something to make their day special. Ekam wishes that nothing wrong should happen the next day. Here, Naaz checks Nehmat’s laptop to find anything about the Randawa and finds an article on Jayveer which describes him as a dishonest police officer and asks how a dishonest police officer’s son got job in the police. There, Ekam says to Nehmat about seeing his dad happy after a long time. He wishes Jayveer to always be happy. Here, Naaz wonders why Advait helped Nehmat with this article. She wonders if Jayveer and Shamsher are involved in some illegal activity, so Advait agrees to marry Mallika. There, Ekam says that he will talk to Jayveer about his and Nehmat’s wedding after Mallika’s wedding. He will tell him that he can’t live without Nehmat. There, Naaz understands that Nehmat took Advait’s help to save Ekam’s dad. There, Nehmat and Ekam express their love and hug. Nehmat thinks that she won’t let anything happen to him. 

The episode ends. 

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