Udaariyaan 17th September 2021 Written Update: Tejo catches Jasmine redhanded

Udaariyaan Written 17th September 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts Mayi saying to get ready in her bathroom. She placed the new dress that Biji gave for Tejo there too. Tejo hugs Mayi thanking her. Jasmine looks on. Family is gathered for puja. The priest asks who will perform the puja. Biji says that Tejo and Fateh will do it. Jasmine holds Fateh’s hand. Biji says that Tejo and Fateh aren’t divorced yet. Fateh and Tejo stand together. Jasmine looks at them angrily. Nimmo whispers to Jasmine that the family won’t let their divorce happen.

Fateh and Tejo perform the puja. Tejo notices the rat statue near Ganapati and then looks at Ganpati. Fateh brings Ganapati statue out of the house. Tejo and Mayi dance. Tejo does Ganapati aarti. Gurpreet gives Tejo milk to pour over Ganapati statue. Tejo stumbles and pours the milk over Jasmine by mistake. Nimmo reminds that Fateh insulted Tejo for wearing this dress. Fateh recalls that incident. Jasmine argues with Tejo for spoiling her dress. Mayi says it’s her mistake. Jasmine blames Tejo. Fateh asks Jasmine to change the dress. Jasmine leaves getting angry. Tejo and Fateh lift Ganapati statue and put its in the water. Tejo recalls Jasmine’s words and looks at the rat statue. She gets thoughtful.

Tejo gets ready to leave. Jasmine calls out Tejo and says good bye. She adds that along with the house’s wall, wall’s color will also change. Tejo says that they will see it and leaves. Tejo meets the family and takes their leave. Tejo looks at Jasmine before leaving with her family. Jasmine thinks that she make Tejo out of the house and now she should make sure that Tejo never comes back. Tejo is on the way in the care. She recalls Jasmine’s words and recalls Dadi ji narrating a story to her and Jasmine in their childhood. In the story a man puts a dead rat in the house so that the people leave that house and he can get that house. Jasmine finds it’s a brilliant idea while Tejo says that it’s wrong. Tejo says to stop the car. Rupy asks if everything is fine.

Jasmine comes to Tejo’s room and takes out the dead rat. Someone turns the lights on. Jasmine gets shocked on seeing Tejo there. Jasmine acts as she found the dead rat to help Tejo. Tejo drags Jasmine to the hall, in front of the family. Dada ji asks Tejo when she has come and from where the bad smell is coming. Tejo says that the dead rat is the reason for the bad smell and Jasmine is responsible for that. Jasmine throws the dead rat out and comes back. Gurpreet asks Jasmine if Tejo is saying the truth. Jasmine denies it and says that she wanted to help Tejo and went to find from where the bad smell is coming. She found the dead rat in the AC pipe. Tejo asks why Jasmine got the dead rat, not the cleaners.

Tejo says that Jasmine placed that dead rat in her room and asks Jasmine to say the truth. Fateh comes there and asks what’s happening. Jasmine goes to Fateh and says that Tejo blaming her that she hid the dead rat in her room. She’s putting false allegations on her. Tejo asks Jasmine to stop and says that she knows Jasmine since her childhood. Jasmine wanted to throw her out of the room, so she has done this cheap act.

Gurpreet asks Jasmine to tell the truth. Jasmine denies it. Kushbeer tells Jasmine to stop lying and say the truth. Fateh asks Tejo why Jasmine will do this, if she has any proof. Tejo says that Fateh needs proof, not her. Jasmine is her sister and she knows her better. Jasmine got idea from the story told by Dadi in their childhood. Tejo drags Jasmine in front and asks if she’s telling the truth why she is hiding behind Fateh.

The episode ends.

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