Udaariyaan 21st December 2022 Written Update: Jasmine reveals Nehmat’s truth to Shamsher and Advait

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The episode starts with Sandhus welcoming Nehmat-Advait and Naaz-Nikhil for pagphere ritual. Rupy asks Nehmat if she’s fine. Nehmat fakes a smile and nods yes. Rupy hugs Nehmat feeling emotional. Advait seems irritated by this. Lovely says to Harman that she never thought that Nehmat could marry anyone else than Ekam. Satti asks Advait to have somaso, but Advait refuses saying that he had food at his house. Satti gestures Nehmat to ask Advait to have somaso. Nehmat obliges and tries to convince Advait to have it. Advait glares at her. So Nehmat says that they really had food at Kapoors’ house. Naaz sees Shelly and thinks that Jasmine came while she called Shelly and decides to talk to her about it in private.

Naaz and Shelly go apart to talk, making some excuse. Naaz scolds Shelly for secretly helping Jasmine. Shelly says that Jasmine never wanted Naaz get married to Nikhil as he is unemployed and irresponsible. Naaz says that she knows it, but he loves her and treats her like princess. However, Nehmat gets treated like queen as she is Advait’s wife. Shelly says that Jasmine was worried about it Naaz says that Jasmine told her that she will do something big and she should be ready for that, but she doesn’t know what she is going to do.

Jasmine visits Shamsher. The latter is surprised to see Jasmine and wonders why she’s still in India when Jayveer’s case was closed. Jasmine reminds Shamsher that him and Advait are in their current position because of her help four years ago. Shamsher says that he remembers it. Jasmine says that they have become relations after his sons wedding. Shamsher wonders what relationship she’s talking about. Jasmine asks him to listen to her carefully as it’s about her sons and daughters-in-law.

Advait says to the Sandhus that he has to leave as he has some important work. Ruoy says that they didn’t yet have a proper conversation with Nehmat. Advait asks Rupy to keep Nehmat with them as she’s their daughter. Lovely says that they have come for pagphere and the bride can’t return to in-laws alone. Advait says that it’s nothing when bride can change at the last minute. Nehmat requests Advait to stay. Advait says to Nehmat that being his wife, she must know about the importance of his work. Nikhil says that it’s fine Nehmat will go with him and Naaz.

Jasmine says to Shamsher that he didn’t enquire about Naaz and Nehmat before getting them married to his sons. Shamsher asks what she means. Jasmine praises Naaz and asks Shamsher if he knows about her parents. Shamsher says that Naaz is Rupy’s second daughter’s daughter and Naaz mom left her. He says that they came here after that. They got to know about this after that. He asks Jasmine why she’s asking this. Jasmine says that he is going to get a shock after what she is going to tell him. She asks if he knows who is Nehmat.

Satti and Rupy ask Nehmat if everything is fine in her in-laws. Nehmat recalls Rama’s words. She lies that she’s fine and she doesn’t have any problem there. Rupy asks if Advait treats her well. Nehmat recalls Advait’s rude behavior. Nehmat says that Advait is a good guy, but he was also wronged. She says that they got married because of the circumstances and they both try to accept their wedding. She reminds Rupy his own words that those who try never fail. Rupy says that they knew that Nehmat would keep manage the relationships well. He hugs her.

Shamsher says to Jasmine that Nehmat is Tejo and Fateh’s daughter. Jasmine says no. She says that Rupy fooled Shamsher who fools others. Jasmine says that Naaz and Nehmat don’t share any relationship as Nehmat is neither Sandhus’ daughter nor Virks. Just then Advait arrives there and hears this. He is shocked to know that Nehmat isn’t Tejo and Fateh’s daughter.

Nehmat cries recalling Advait’s hurtful words and Ekam’s taunt and his face off with Advait. She then recalls her moments with Ekam and him breaking up with her. She cries hard. She wishes the best for Ekam. On the other hand, Ekam receives Renuka’s call. Renuka says that Mallika angrily left home saying that she won’t spare her. Ekam understands that Mallika went to meet Nehmat.

Mallika goes to Sandhus house. She confronts Nehmat. She taunts Nehmat for marrying her fiance. She asks Nehmat if she told her family how she betrayed her best friend to marry Advait. Mallika says that Nehmat wouldn’t have told her family about it, but she will tell them the truth. Mallika shows Nehmat the picture of her and Advait and says that she will show this to her family. Nehmat stops Mallika and says that she can’t tell her family the lie. She says that Mallika is broken from inside and furious, but she’s not responsible for her condition. Nehmat refuses to let Mallika show her family the photo and drags her out of the house. Mallika pushes Nehmat away. Nehmat is about to fall, but Ekam holds her.

Advait asks Jasmine to say clearly what sbe wanted to say about Nehmat and Naaz. He then asks how they can believe that she’s telling the truth. Jasmine complains to Shamsher about Advait’s way of talking to her and says that he doesn’t seem to be interested to know about Nehmat’s truth. She threatens to tell the truth to the media. Shamsher asks Advait to be quiet and asks Jasmine whose daughter Nehmat is if she’s not daughter of Virks or Sandhus. There, Ekam stops Mallika from showing the photo of Advait and Nehmat to the Sandhus. He says that they aren’t fraud like Nehmat. He says that they shouldn’t hurt the Sandhus. He leaves taking Mallika along with her. Nehmat watches them leaving with teary eyes. Nehmat cries and asks God why she’s getting blamed when she’s innocent.

The episode ends.

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