Udaariyaan 22nd April 2021 Written Update: Preto to face some trouble!

Udaariyaan 22nd April 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Tejo coming to mandap and asking Jas why did you got late? Jas says I was stuck in some work, now it’s all settled. Tejo says okay. Jas’s mother and Jas thinks how all the jewellery Tejo is wearing will be their soon. They smile. Satti is happy to see her daughter wed. Here, Preeto is in cab and prays to god that I hope Tejo has not married Jas yet. Here, pandit ji starts saying the mantra and wedding rituals start. Fateh makes flower fall on Jasmin and they both smile at each other. Fateh tells Jasmine when will you become mine and go on a date? Jasmine says first let the Canada visa come then we will go on a date. Fateh says that is done already. They go on a side alone and spend some light moments together. They flirt and then go to the wedding. Tejo and Jas start taking phere and Satti hugs Abhiraaj and Jasmin out of happiness. Jasmin thinks now both of us sisters will be in Canada together. Preeto here hurries the cab driver. Preeto sees the tractor is blocking the road. Preeto gets out of the car and starts running. She runs and hits a car and falls down.

Here, Jas fills Tejo’s maang and their wedding is complete. They take blessing from everyone. Satti gifts a chandi ka thaal to Jas’s mother. She gets happy. Jasmin tells Tejo now we will live together soon. They smile. Jasmin teases Jas by asking where are you taking my sister on honeymoon. Jas smiles and says that’s a surprise for her. Satti then asks Jas and his mother that when they will leave for Canada. They both worry. Jas and his mother worry but then say in few days. Satti says do let us know beforehand. They say yes. Abhiraaj gives the best hotel in town’s stay card to Jas for their first night.

Bidai process starts, everyone gets emotional and hugs Tejo. They cry. Tejo asks them to be happy for her and not cry. Jas, Tejo and Jas’s mother sit in car and leave. After a while, Jas’s mother say you both will be going to the different hotel so it’s better you give me all jewellery Tejo, I hope you don’t mind. Jas says what’s to mind, you are our own only and this way jewellery will be safe. Tejo says okay and gives the gold jewellery to her mother in law. They reach the new hotel and they check in. Jas’s mother is about to take a leave but Jas gets a office call. Jas says he got an important meeting call and he has to have his laptop for the meeting. Jas’s mother says but your laptop is in the another hotel, ans today is your first night so shift the meeting. Tejo says to shift the meeting too. Jas says you know na how important my business is for me please let me go, I will be back soon. Tejo says okay I understand. Jas says sure na? You will not lecture me later? Jeto says you go I understand. Jas and his mother leave. Tejo goes to her hotel room. Jas and his mother think to go to the jeweller and take the money first.

Here, the Sandhu family are sad and crying. Abhiraaj says now everyone be happy for Tejo and let’s take a selfie to send to Tejo, no more crying. They all agree and take selfie.

Episode ends.

Precap: Tejo calls her dad about Jas not being with her. Rupi gets to know from Jas’s hotel manager says they both left and did check out yesterday. Rupi worries and cries. Tejo also cries and throws everything in the room.

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