Udaariyaan 23rd September 2022 Written Update: Randhawa suffers a heart attack

Udaariyaan 23rd September 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Nehmat saying that Ekam and her used to fight when they were children. Ekam and Nehmat tell their friends about a football match challenge that they had. Mallika says that Ekam fell for Nehmat during that football challenge. Ekam says that he used to send a flirting message to Nehmat expressing his love. They become friends, then lovers. Mallika says that Ekam fell for Nehmat first, so she announces Nehmat as the winner. Naaz says that Nehmat should say what  she wants. Nehmat says that she wants Ekam to give a dance performance. 

Ekam dances along with the dancer to the song Dhoom Manchale. At Ekam’s house, Randhawa gets a stroke and faints. Renuka is shocked to see Randhawa’s condition. She phones Ekam. Ekam isn’t able to answer the call as he is dancing. There, Nehmat joins Ekam and they both dance while Naaz burns in jealousy looking at them. 

Renuka rushes Randhawa to the hospital. On the way, she keeps calling Ekam, but he doesn’t answer the calls. Meanwhile, Ekam is talking with Nehmat. A drunk man calls out to Ekam and mocks Ekam about his dad being suspended. He accuses Ekam’s dad of being corrupted and says that Ekam also wants to become a police officer for money. Nehmat gets angry and wants to punch him. But Ekam stops Nehmat and tells him that he wants to join the police to clear all the allegations against his dad. He rebukes him and sends him away. Nehmat gets angry that Ekam didn’t punch him. 

Naaz talks with a guy named Varun. The latter offers her a drink. Naaz refuses. He convinces her to drink juice. He spikes the juice. Naaz drinks that juice. Renuka comes to the party venue. She scolds Ekam and Mallika for not receiving her calls. She tells about Randhawa getting a stroke. Nehmat, Ekam and Mallika are shocked to hear this. Renuka asks Ekam where his phone is. Ekam asks Nehmat. Nehmat takes it from her bag and gives it to Ekam. Ekam, Mallika and Renuka rush to the hospital. Nehmat also wants to go along with them, but stops seeing an intoxicated Naaz with a guy. Nehmat hits Varun and takes Naaz with her. Varun is determined to take revenge on Nehmat for the slap. 

Naaz wakes up with a hangover. Naaz requests Shelly not to tell the family about her being intoxicated. Shelly tells Naaz about Mallika having got a marriage proposal by the wealthy Malhotras. Meanwhile, Mallika says that she doesn’t want an arranged marriage, but a love marriage. So she refuses to meet the guy. Just then, Nehmat arrives there and greets Randhawa. The latter remembers Fateh and Tejo’s death and feels guilty. Nehmat convinces Mallika to meet the guy. There Naaz tells Shelly that she wants to marry a rich guy who will fulfill all her dreams. Here Mallila says that she wants to marry a guy who loves her a lot. There Naaz decides to visit Ekam’s house to meet the prospective groom. 

The Malhotras arrive at Ekam’s house. Nehmat brings Mallika. Renuka thanks Nehmat for making Mallika wear the saree. Malhotras see Mallika. Naaz is also there. She smiles, looking at the prospective groom, Gautam. Ekam introduces Nehmat. Renuka intervenes and says that Nehmat is Ekam’s school friend. Ekam suggests letting Mallika and Gautam talk alone. 

Mallika insists Nehmat to sit with her and Gautam. As Mallika doesn’t initiate the talk. Nehmat starts to discuss with Gautam. Naaz watches this standing at the doorstep.

The episode ends.

Precap: Renuka receives the Malhotras call and is shocked. Renuka tells Randhawa that Malhotras liked Nehmat, not Mallika. Nehmat is shown happily talking with her family.

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