Udaariyaan: Advait to get successful in his plan against Ekama and Nehmat!

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Colors TV’s popular show Udaariyaan is gearing up for more drama, with Advait plans to discredit Nehmat by making her video with Ekam. 

Previously, it was seen that Advait planned to bring Ekam and Nehmat closer and record their video to discredit Nehmat so that he can easily get divorce from her. Advait took Nehmat along with him to the farm house. Ekam also went there as he is Advait’s bodyguard. Advait fixed hidden cameras in the room through the servant.

He made an excuse of a work and went, leaving Nehmat in the farm house. He ordered Ekam to stay in the farm house when the latter wanted to accompany him. Advait watched Ekam and Nehmat through the recording of the hidden camera with his GF. He phoned the servant and asked him to give Ekam and Nehmat spiked tea.

Ekam and Nehmat drank the spiked tea. They got emotional recalling their past moments spent together. Ekam wiped Nehmat’s tears. Nehmat hugged him crying. Advait smiled seeing this on the monitor. 

In the upcoming episode, it will be shown that Advait’s plan will work. Ekam and Nehmat will come closer. Ekam and Nehmat will get emotional and will express their love for each other. Ekam will merge his forehead with Nehmat’s and will promise to not let anyone come between them.

Advait will watch this on the computer screen and will smirk. On the other hand, Harleen will vow to not let Ekam go back to Nehmat at any cost and will burn a paper. 

What will happen next? What is Advait’s next plan? What will Harleen do to keep Nehmat away from Ekam? 

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