Udaariyaan: Ekam to realize there is nothing between Nehmat and Advait!

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Colors TV’s popular show Udaariyaan is gearing up for more drama, with Advait making Ekam his personal bodyguard.

Previously, it was seen that Advait exclaimed that he was going to give a present to Nehmat as he didn’t gift her ever since their wedding. Advait handed Nehmat a rose. He pressed her hand hard to hurt Nehmat with the rose’s thorns. He then announced that he planned a surprise for Nehmat. Nehmat was shocked to Ekam there. Advait introduced Ekam as his personal bodyguard which shocked Nehmat.

He mocked Nehmat and said that she have fun to see her husband and her EX lover together. Ekam asked Advait to mind his language. Advait asked Ekam to address him sir and warned him not to interrupt his talk again. In the evening, Advait deliberately stopped Ekam who was about to return home after completing his duty on the pretext to accompany him to his meeting.

He hugged and kissed Nehmat in front of Ekam to provoke the latter. He insulted Ekam by calling him as bodyguard and making him open car door for him. Nehmat felt bad to see this and cried.

Advait went to spend time with his GF inside the hotel, asking Ekam to wait for him outside. On the other hand, Harleen went to Ekam’s house to have dinner with him.

In the upcoming episode, it will be shown that Harleen will wait to have dinner with Ekam. A drunken Advait will come out of the hotel with his GF. Ekam will see this and will realize that there’s nothing between Ekam and Nehmat.

What will happen next? Will Advait’s plan bring Ekam and Nehmat closer? What twist will bring Harleen’s entry in Ekam, Nehmat and Advait’s life?

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