Udaariyaan: Naaz to be jealous of Nehmat?

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Colors’ popular show Udaariyaan is gearing up for more drama with Nehmat accepting Naaz as her sister.

Previously, it was seen that Nehmat refused to play with Naaz and urged Fateh and Tejo to take her home. After reaching the Virks, Tejo questioned Nehmat about her sudden change in her behavior. Nehmat vented out her anger at Naaz for being Jasmine’s favorite child, so that Jasmine kept her with her while she abandoned Nehmat.

She refused to return to the Sandhus house or play with Naaz anymore. Tejo reminded Nehmat that she wished to have a sister. Nehmat refused to accept Naaz as her sister and declared that she hated Naaz. Meanwhile, Rupy found Naaz tearing up.

He asked her the reason behind her sorrow. Naaz said that Nehmat refused to play with her. She was angry at her. Naaz wondered why Naaz didn’t like her. Rupy consoled Naaz and cheered her up. On the other hand, Virks tried to cheer Nehmat up.

Nehmat asked if she was too bad, so Jasmine left her, but not Naaz. Tejo revealed that Jasmine forsook Naaz too. Tejo made Nehmat to promise never tell Naaz that Nehmat was also Jasmine’s daughter and asked her to always take care of her sister, Naaz.

Nehmat promised the same. Later, Nehmat met Naaz and gave her a sorry car for her rude behavior and they reunited.

In the upcoming episode, it will be seen that Tejo and Fateh will dance romantically and will share a moment. Nehmat will be playing with the Sandhus. Naaz will get jealous to see everyone loving Nehmat.

She will want everyone to love her as much as they love Nehmat. So she will pretend to fall. The family and Nehmat will rush to Naaz and will care for her.

What will be the future of Nehmat and Naaz? Will Naaz turn negative like Jasmine in the future?

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