Udaariyan: Fateh to warn Jasmine?

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Colors Tv’s newly launched show Udaariyan is loved by many audience because of its Unique story line. Now after Fateh get to know that Tejo knows about his job loss he blames Tejo for ruining his life.

On the other hand Jasmine also gets to know through Rupi that Tejo knows everything. Now it will be interesting to see how the relationship between Tejo and Jasmine also Tejo and Fateh is going to change.

In the current track it shown that Fateh and Tejo gets into an argument. Fateh accuses Tejo for ruining everything in his life. Tejo tells Fateh her biggest mistake is that she helped both Fateh and Jasmine to get closer. Tejo cries.

Rupi calls her and asks her to come to their house. Fateh practices and recalls Tejo’s words. Amrik accuses Fateh for hiding the truth from Jasmine and marrying Tejo. Fateh warns Amrik to be in his limits.

Buzo calms down Fateh then asks where is Tejo Tejo to which Fateh tells that he dont know. Mahi taunts Fateh and says that Tejo went to her parents house. Rupi asks Tejo how everyone in the Veer house is treating her. Tejo tries to hide but fails then breakdown infront of her father. Tejo’s family members praises Tejo for being a bigger person and still loving Jasmine even after all this.

Tejo leaves the house saying that she promised Gurpreet that she will be there before five thirty. Jasmine and Tejo meets in the midway. Jasmine accuses Tejo for hiding the truth from her and tells that she secretly liked Fateh that’s why she did this all. Tejo tries to slap Jasmine but Jasmine stops her. Jasmine asks Tejo to never show her face anymore then they both goes in a separate ways.

Tejo goes to the temple and breakdown then says that she had enough of everything now she is not going to tolerate all this anymore. Nimmu instigates Gurpreet against Tejo for not reaching the house on time. Fateh ignores Mahi’s worries about Tejo.

Mahi gets to know that Tejo left the house way earlier. Abhiraj gets to know that Tejo didn’t reach the house yet through Mahi. Both the family members gets shocked.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Rupi will tell his family member’s that he is going to search for Tejo in every hospital. Fateh will ask Abhiraj what is he saying. Abhiraj will say to Fateh that his family member’s thinks that Tejo must be get into an accident.

Fateh and his family member’s will get shocked. Jasmine will ask her family members to not to worry. Jasmine will say that Tejo will be fine. Abhiraj will say to Fateh about Jasmine’s harsh words against Tejo. Fateh will ask Jasmine what did she said to Tejo. Jasmine will become speechless.

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