Vansh to interrupt Riddhima and Kabir’s wedding: Ishq Mein Marjawan 2

Drama to galore in colors show Ishq Mein Marjawan 2.

In the upcoming episode, Riddhima will decide to die instead of completing wedding rounds with Kabir. At the same time, Vihaan as Vansh will mark his entry and will interrupt the wedding. Now it will be interesting to watch do Kabir and Singhania’s will believe on Vihaan’s lie, will time will only tell.

So far in the episode it is seen, Riddhima thinks she said yes for the marriage but she will not marry with Kabir because she has a backup plan ready too. She goes to Vihaan and asks him to help her by disguising Vansh.

Vihaan gets surprised seeing Vansh’s picture. Riddhima asks Vihaan if he is ready to help him. Vihaan says the work is risky and anyone will catch him that he is clone of Vansh. Riddhima says to Vihaan she will pay him for his work and will train to become Vansh. Vihaan says offer is entertaining and tempting. Riddhima warns Vihaan and asks him to just act like her husband.

Vihaan asks Riddhima to bring 50 Lakhs for him is she wants to secure the deal and pay him 5 crore for using his face. Riddhima thinks to arrange the money. At home, Anupriya performs Kabir and Riddhima’s roka. Ishani refuses to be a part of it and says she don’t consider Kabir his brother. Kabir decides to avenge Ishani post marriage.

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